Baby Shower Etiquette Who Pays

baby shower etiquette who pays

Baby Shower Etiquette: Who Pays?

Baby showers are joyous occasions to celebrate an upcoming new addition to the family. While many of the details come down to personal preference, there are certain unspoken rules and expectations for throwing the baby shower. Before organizing the shower, it is important to know who pays for the associated expenses. This article will discuss baby shower etiquette who pays in order to ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.

Who Generally Hosts Baby Showers

For many years, the traditional etiquette surrounding baby showers was that the mothers family would host the event. While this is still a common practice, it is not an absolute rule. Nowadays, anyone can organize and host a baby shower, including friends, family, and colleagues. Ultimately, the mother-to-be has the final say in who she would like to host her baby shower.

Who Generally Pays for Baby Showers

The person or people hosting the baby shower generally pays for the cost associated with the event. Depending on the type of shower and the location chosen, costs can vary greatly. For more intimate affairs, expenses may include small items like decorations, food, and beverages. If the shower includes entertainment or games, the cost of those components should be taken into consideration as well. If the chosen venue requires rental costs, those should be added to the overall budget.

Who Pays if Multiple People are Hosting

A unique situation can arise if multiple people decide to pitch in to host the baby shower. In these cases, it is especially important to communicate openly in order to divvy up costs. In the same vein, it is important to hammer down expectations regarding who is responsible for which items – such as decorations, food, etc. Additionally, it can be helpful to map out the total shared budget, taking into consideration any individual contributions and spending limits.

What About Virtual Baby Showers?

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, many baby showers have gone virtual. Depending on the format chosen, virtual baby showers may have fewer associated expenses than in-person events. However, some overhead may still be incurred such as decorations or food that require delivery, hosting fees, and gifts for the special guests. If multiple people choose to host a virtual baby shower, it is important to clearly identify and communicate who is responsible for each specific expense.

When Is It Okay to Ask for Donations?

In some cases, it can be difficult for one single host to cover all of the associated costs of a baby shower. If grants and contributions are needed, it is common to consider mixing in donation components to the budget breakdown such as asking for donations from the guests. It is important for the host to be explicit about what these contributions will cover and to make sure that these details are included on the invitation.


When it comes to baby shower etiquette who pays, this is ultimately up to the host or group of people hosting the event. Additionally, current circumstances such as virtual or semi-virtual baby showers can require special consideration and honest communication. Through understanding the etiquette for baby showers, hosts can plan these special events in a way that is respectful and mindful for all involved.

Regardless of who is hosting the baby shower, it should be a fun and joyous event that celebrates the upcoming arrival and honors the mother-to-be. Through following these basic guidelines, hosts can create a memorable and special occasion while ensuring that baby shower etiquette who pays is upheld.