Baby Shower Game Who Is More Likely

baby shower game who is more likely

Baby Shower Game “Who Is More Likely to…” – An Entertaining Twist on Celebrating Parenthood

Baby showers are all about celebrating the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy and sharing precious moments with friends and family. While traditional baby shower activities like opening gifts and indulging in delectable treats are wonderful, adding some entertaining games to the mix can make the event even more memorable. One such game that’s been gaining popularity at baby showers is “Who Is More Likely to…” It’s a fun and interactive game that encourages laughter, revelations, and bonding among guests. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the “Who Is More Likely to…” baby shower game, including how to play, customization ideas, and why it’s a fantastic addition to your celebration.

The Essence of the “Who Is More Likely to…” Baby Shower Game

The “Who Is More Likely to…” game is a light-hearted and entertaining activity that offers a twist on traditional baby shower games. Instead of focusing solely on the expectant parents or the baby, this game shifts the spotlight to the guests. It’s an opportunity for attendees to share fun anecdotes, express their opinions, and get to know each other better.

The game typically involves a series of amusing and often revealing questions, and guests are encouraged to vote on who among them is “more likely” to fit the description in each question. The questions can range from humorous scenarios to heartwarming predictions about the future parents. Here’s how to play

How to Play “Who Is More Likely to…”

Preparation Before the baby shower, the host or organizer should prepare a list of questions. These questions can be printed on cards or displayed on a screen for everyone to see.

Distribution As guests arrive at the baby shower, each one is given a set of cards or pieces of paper with the questions written on them. Alternatively, if you’re playing virtually, you can use online polling tools or chat features to gather responses.

Voting For each question, guests must cast their votes by choosing someone among themselves who they believe is “more likely” to fit the description in the question. Votes can be anonymous or open, depending on the group’s preference.

Revelations After each question, the host reveals the results by announcing the person who received the most votes. This can lead to laughter, storytelling, and even friendly debates as guests explain their choices.

Winner While the game is not necessarily competitive, you can choose to have a small prize for the guest who receives the most “more likely” votes.

Customization Ideas for “Who Is More Likely to…” Questions

One of the delightful aspects of this game is its versatility. You can customize the questions to suit the personality of the parents-to-be and the vibe of the baby shower. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity

Parental Predictions
– Who is more likely to have the most adorable baby photos?
– Who is more likely to read bedtime stories with funny voices?

Future Baby Traits
– Who is more likely to have a baby who becomes a professional athlete?
– Who is more likely to have a baby with a sweet tooth?

Parenting Styles
– Who is more likely to be the strict parent?
– Who is more likely to let the baby stay up past bedtime?

Memorable Moments
– Who is more likely to have the baby’s first word be “mama”?
– Who is more likely to capture every baby milestone on camera?

Embarrassing Scenarios
– Who is more likely to forget where they left the baby’s pacifier?
– Who is more likely to have a diaper mishap during a public outing?

Quirky Habits
– Who is more likely to sing lullabies off-key to the baby?
– Who is more likely to have a dance party in the living room with the baby?

Future Travelers
– Who is more likely to take the baby on their first international trip?
– Who is more likely to plan spontaneous family adventures?

Sibling Rivalry
– Who is more likely to be the baby’s favorite aunt or uncle?
– Who is more likely to spoil the baby with gifts?

Parenting Advice
– Who is more likely to give the best parenting advice?
– Who is more likely to call for backup when the baby won’t stop crying?

Parental Superpowers
– Who is more likely to have eyes in the back of their head to catch mischievous baby moments?
– Who is more likely to have the power to put the baby to sleep with a single lullaby?

Why “Who Is More Likely to…” Is a Fantastic Addition to Your Baby Shower

The “Who Is More Likely to…” baby shower game offers several benefits that contribute to a joyful and memorable celebration

Interactive and Engaging This game encourages active participation from all guests, making it an inclusive and engaging activity.

Laughs and Fond Memories The game’s humorous scenarios and revelations often lead to laughter and storytelling, creating cherished memories for everyone.

Getting to Know Guests It’s an excellent icebreaker for guests who may not know each other well, fostering connections and camaraderie.

Celebrating the Parents By asking questions related to the parents’ personalities and future as parents, the game celebrates the expectant parents in a unique way.

Versatile and Customizable You can tailor the questions to align with the baby shower’s theme or the preferences of the parents-to-be.

Inclusivity Whether you’re hosting an in-person or virtual baby shower, “Who Is More Likely to…” can be adapted to various settings.


The “Who Is More Likely to…” baby shower game adds a delightful twist to the celebration, fostering laughter, connection, and shared memories among guests. Its versatility allows you to customize questions that reflect the personalities and aspirations of the expectant parents, making it a meaningful and entertaining addition to any baby shower. So, gather your cards, set up your questions, and get ready for a game that will have everyone in stitches and create lasting memories of the joyful occasion as you celebrate the journey into parenthood.