Baby Shower Gift How Much To Spend

baby shower gift how much to spend

Baby Shower Gift – How Much to Spend?

Baby showers are a special occasion that marks a mother’s second pregnancy and brings together family and friends in anticipation for the arrival of a new baby. But one thing that is often asked among shower guests is: How much money to spend on a baby shower gift?

When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for the expectant mother (or family) questions may arise about appropriate budget amounts. It is not about how much money is spent, but rather the effort to find a gift that celebrates the new life and the joyous event.

Whether it is the first pregnancy or the fourth, the traditional gifts for a baby shower should be affordable, thoughtful, and meaningful to the parents. Below are some guidelines that can help you decide the budget and gifting options for a baby shower.

Baby Shower Gift – How Much to Spend?

The number one question on the minds of the gift givers is usually: How much to spend on a baby shower gift? The answer can be quite subjective and depend upon the gift giver’s budget. However, most guests spend between $25-$75 on their gifts. It is a good idea to decide on a budget before heading to the store. Though the budget should not be considered as an exact number, rather it should be used as a helpful guide when selecting the gift.

If for any reason, the gift giver is not able to spend more and is hesitant to get creative with their gifts, a wide range of affordable and thoughtful gifts can be found. Some popular budget friendly gifts are stroller toys, teddy bears, onesies, rattles, bibs, teething toys, and clothes. These gifts are ideal for babies and can be found at a price point under $30.

Creating a Special Moment

Beyond the price tag, another way to make a special moment shine is by being thoughtful. A great way to do this is by combining two or more gifts into a bundle. A great example of this is combining a baby picture frame with a pair of baby booties or a plush toy wrapped up with a box of diapers. Although the total amount of the gifts is important, it is most likely that the expectations are around the thought put into the gifts as much as the money spent.

No matter what your budget might be, is important to include a personalized touch or a hand-written note for the parents to cherish. A baby shower is a special milestone for the anticipated parents and a heartfelt message or a special gift, no matter the size will be treasured.

Handmade Gifts

For the more budget conscious gift giver, handmade gifts are a wonderful and practical way to celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy. A knitted blanket, a pair of baby sandals, or a scrapbook album are all meaningful gift ideas for a baby shower gift.

Having the mother’s input on possible gifts may also offer you a better understanding of what is suitable for the family. Someone close to the family should know what items they may need or like; this way you can put together a thoughtful and within the budget gift.

An incredible way to make the gift more memorable is by adding a special monogram, an embroidered name, or any other special momentous to make the item stand out.

Giving More than One Item

When it comes to the budget and the number of items to give as a baby shower present, always remember it is ok to give one large gift or multiple smaller items. If you have a generous budget, the larger item can be something from the registry such as a stroller or a crib. And if the budget does not allow, you can combine several items such as books, a toy, some accessories, etc in a larger basket. It is also ok to give just one item, as long as it is thoughtful and the recipient appreciates it.


With a little search and creativity, a perfect gift to mark this special occasion can be easily thought off! When selecting the gift (regardless the amount spent) the aim should be to give something meaningful and a gift that will make the new parents feel appreciated.

When it comes to budgeting on a baby shower gift, there is no right or wrong answer. But ultimately the goal is to make sure that the new parents feel deeply loved and celebrated with the thoughtful gift. Though it is important to take into account the spending amount when selecting the item, the real goal is to make sure the gift is meaningful and truly reflects the spirit of the event.

A baby shower is a special and joyous occasion that needs to be celebrated with a thoughtful and meaningful gift. When selecting the perfect baby shower gift, thoughtful gifting combined with a predetermined budget can help ensure that the new family will be thrilled with the items. As guests, it is the perfect time to show the couple that they are loved and supported. Ultimately, the budget for a baby shower gift should be selected based on personal preference and not as a strict guide. As long as the item is meaningful and thoughtful, the amount spent won’t matter at all. Therefore, when selecting a baby shower gift, think of a gift to appreciate the new family and one that will bring a smile to their face. Baby shower gift how much to spend? The answer is always personal.