Baby Shower Who Pays

baby shower who pays

Baby Shower: Who Pays?

When it comes to planning a baby shower, one important question arises: who pays for the event? The answer is complicated, as there are a variety of ways to cover the cost of the gathering, not all of which have clear answers. This article will explore the different scenarios for who pays for a baby shower, and offer some advice for navigating the various expectations, as well as strategies for taking the financial responsibility as gracefully as possible.

What Is a Baby Shower?

Before diving into who pays for a baby shower, its important to first have a good understanding of what a baby shower is. Put simply, a baby shower is a gathering of family and friends, typically hosted by close relatives or friends of the expecting parents, that is typically held in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Baby showers may occur anytime between the 5th and 9th month of pregnancy.

The purpose of the gathering is to celebrate the impending arrival of the baby, share advice and tips for being a new parent, and provide the parents with gifts that they may need for the new baby. Baby showers typically involve games, speeches, and explanations about various baby-related topics and products.

Who Pays for a Baby Shower?

Given the complexity of the event, the baby shower who pays question can result in a tricky answer, depending on the current relationship dynamics and expectations of those involved. Generally speaking, the host(s) of the baby shower will be the ones responsible for covering the cost of the celebration. Who that host is, and who covers the costs, may vary in different scenarios.

Scenario 1: Hosted by Family

In a traditional scenario, the closest relatives of the expecting parents typically a close family member, such as a mom, sister, or aunt will take on the responsibility of throwing the baby shower. This will usually include the cost as well. Depending on the family dynamics, its possible that very close friends of the family may offer to pitch in and help pay for expenses.

Scenario 2: Hosted by Friends

In more non-traditional scenarios, friends of the expecting parent may be the ones organizing the baby shower. These friends would be expected to cover the cost of the event, although they may also ask the expecting parents directly to cover some of the expenses.

Scenario 3: Co-hosted by Family and Friends

Where friends of the expecting parents and family may have similar opinions and expectations, its also possible for them to co-host the baby shower. In this situation, the cost of the event would be split among the various hosts.

Scenario 4: Dual Couple Showers

Dual couple showers are becoming increasingly popular, where two expecting couples will gather together for a single baby shower. This baby shower who pays question can be a bit tricky in this case, depending on the level of friendship between the two couples. However, if the couples are good friends, it may make sense for them to split the costs of the baby shower.

Considerations When Covering Costs

Regardless of the baby shower who pays in any given situation, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to navigating the financial arrangements.

First, if the host and/or co-hosts are close family members or friends, its important to be mindful of their own financial circumstances. If the expecting parents have a better financial situation than the host(s), it may make sense for them to pitch in and help to cover the cost of the baby shower. This could mean simply offering to cover some of the costs of the event, or even helping the host with the planning and preparation of the baby shower.

Second, its important to keep in mind that baby showers may also require payment for additional services such as catering, locations, and entertainment. Depending on the size of the baby shower, these expenses may be significant. If the expecting parents and/or hosts are unable to cover these costs, it may make sense to ask friends and family for contributions. This could be done through a crowdfunding campaign, or simply direct requests for those who are able to offer financial assistance.

Finally, in some cases the cost of the baby shower is not an issue, as all the expecting parents may have a similar financial situation. Regardless, it is still important to consider etiquette. Generally speaking, its important to be mindful of any gifts that may have already been received or given for the baby shower. This includes gifts received before the shower, as well as any gifts that guests may bring to the event.


The baby shower who pays question is often one of the trickiest parts of the planning process. Depending on the specific circumstances, different hosts may be responsible for the cost of the celebration, or individuals may split the costs. Its important to be respectful of the host(s) financial situation, keep in mind any additional expenses, and follow through with etiquette if cost is not an issue. By understanding the different scenarios and expectations for a baby shower, expecting parents can rest assured they will have a beautiful celebration for their incoming baby, with all the expected support and love.