Guess Who Said It Baby Shower Game

guess who said it baby shower game

Unveiling Words of Wisdom: The Engaging “Guess Who Said It?” Baby Shower Game

Guess who said it baby shower game. When it comes to celebrating an upcoming arrival, baby showers are all about creating joyous memories and fostering connections. The “Guess Who Said It?” baby shower game is a fantastic way to engage guests and provide an interactive and lighthearted experience. This game challenges participants to match statements with the parents-to-be, leading to laughter and revelations. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting details of the “Guess Who Said It?” baby shower game, sharing insights on how to set it up, customize it, and ensure a delightful time for all involved.

Guess Who Said It Baby Shower Game: Game Setup

– Request both parents-to-be to provide individual answers to a set of questions or statements without revealing their responses to each other.
– Compile a list of these statements, leaving out the names of the parents-to-be.
– Distribute the list to the guests along with a blank space for them to guess who said each statement.

How to Play

1. Hand out the list of statements to all the guests, along with a blank space for their guesses.
2. Guests will read each statement and attempt to match it with either the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be.
3. Once everyone has made their guesses, reveal the correct answers, tallying up the number of accurate matches for each guest.
4. The guest with the most correct matches wins the game.

Personalization Tips

– Frame questions to reflect the personalities, experiences, and idiosyncrasies of the parents-to-be.
– Incorporate a mix of playful, sentimental, and humorous statements to keep the game engaging.

Prizes and Winners

– Reward the guest with the most accurate matches with a small token of appreciation or a baby-themed gift.
– Celebrate the shared laughter and newfound knowledge about the parents-to-be.

Creating a Vibrant Atmosphere

– Encourage guests to share their thought processes behind their guesses, sparking lively conversations and anecdotes.
– Infuse the game with energy by playing upbeat music or incorporating it as part of a larger set of activities.


The “Guess Who Said It?” baby shower game transforms the celebration into a captivating experience of discovery, laughter, and shared moments. As guests decipher who said what, they gain insight into the personalities and perspectives of the parents-to-be. This game not only fosters a joyous and interactive atmosphere but also strengthens the bonds between guests and the soon-to-be parents. By crafting statements that capture the essence of the parents’ journey and personalities, you create an experience that is both entertaining and heartwarming. As the celebration unfolds and guests participate in this engaging activity, they contribute to a memorable baby shower filled with laughter, connection, and anticipation for the little one’s arrival.