How Big Should A Baby Shower Be

how big should a baby shower be

How Big Should A Baby Shower Be

When it comes to celebrating the growing family, theres no better way than with a baby shower. This special event allows you the chance to get your loved ones together and bring the joy of expecting a baby with you. But when putting together a baby shower, an important question arises: how big should the celebration be?

No matter the size of your baby shower, it will always be a joyous and special occasion. But there are a few factors to consider when choosing how big the party should be. If youre having a hard time deciding the perfect guest list for your special day, here are all the things to consider when deciding how big your baby shower should be.

Location and Budget

One of the biggest things to consider when deciding how big your baby shower should be is location and budget. This will play a huge role in how many people you can invite and how much space there is for everyone to comfortably celebrate. Think about what areas of your home would be suitable for a large gathering, or if youd prefer to host the party at a different location entirely.

Knowing what type of space youre looking for will make it a lot easier to decide how many friends and family youd like to invite to the party. Your baby shower budget will also come into play before figuring out the size of the celebration, as some arrangements may not be possible with the amount of money you have to spend on it.

Theme and Activities

Having a theme for your baby shower party will help dictate how many people you can host. If youre on the lower end of people youd like to invite, consider creating an intimate yet elaborate setup instead. With fewer guests, youll be able to spend more time with them and include more activities to allow everyone a chance to interact and enjoy the day.

If youre looking for a larger baby shower, pick games and activities that could get a whole group of people involved. This includes those of all ages, so make sure you pick something age-appropriate but fun. This could be as simple as baby shower bingo or something more complicated like a scavenger hunt.


Depending on the atmosphere youre looking to create, this will impact the size of your baby shower. If youre going for a more relaxed event then, of course, you can invite more people than if youre searching for a more intimate setting. For the latter, the goal is to get your nearest and dearest, plus special friends the guest of honor loves dearly, all in the same place.

How Big Should A Baby Shower Be?

When it comes to deciding the size of a baby shower, the only right way is the way thats best for you and your family. Take into account all the factors we just discussed, and make sure youre considering everyones feelings when creating your ideal size limit. But no matter how big or small your party is, just know that it will always be a special occasion shared with your loved ones.

No matter how big your baby shower should be, its important to include all the essential baby shower basics like decor, food, and a unique gift for the expecting parents. Planning a baby shower doesnt need to be stressful, and with a few tips on how big your baby shower should be, youll be able to put together the perfect day as a special celebration for your growing family.