How Far In Advance To Send Baby Shower Invites

how far in advance to send baby shower invites

How Far in Advance to Send Baby Shower Invites

Throwing a baby shower is a fun, exciting way to celebrate a soon-to-be new mom and her little bundle of joy. Inviting friends and family to share in the joy of the mother and baby is an essential part of the shower, and the invites should be sent well in advance to make sure the right people will be there. Knowing how far in advance to send baby shower invites is important for ensure that the mothers-to-be special day is celebrated in style.

Timing the Baby Shower Invitations

An important part of throwing a successful baby shower is getting the word out in time so that guests are able to make it. The invitation should be sent with plenty of advance notice, generally 6-8 weeks before the baby shower. Any less than this timeline and guests may not have enough time to plan accordingly.

The 6 to 8 week window allows guests enough time to clear their schedule and make plans for the shower day. It also allows the hosts plenty of time to plan the shower menu and decorations and make any other necessary arrangements. This timeline should also be respected if the shower is held far away from the host address, as guests may need more time to book accommodation or take a flight to the shower location.

The Importance of RSVPs

Having an accurate headcount is important for any event, especially a baby shower. The host needs to know how many people to expect and what type of food and drink to order. While some guests may RSVP right away, many people put off responding to baby shower invites.

To ensure the hosts have an accurate headcount, they should not only encourage guests to RSVP by the due date but also follow up with guests who havent responded. Keeping track of RSVPs will help avoid any last minute food and drink emergencies, not to mention any potential seating issues.

How Far in Advance to Send Baby Shower Invites: Connecting with Guests

Inviting guests to share in the joy of a new mom and baby doesn’t have to be a daunting or stressful task. Inevitably, there will be people in the mother’s social circle whom she has not seen in a while. This is another reason for setting aside plenty of time for the baby shower: allow guests ample opportunity to connect with the mother-to-be and her loved ones.

For guests who haven’t seen the mom-to-be in a while, sending the invites 6-8 weeks in advance gives them a chance to get reacquainted or even get to know each other better. It also gives them enough time to find a gift before the baby shower. For international guests, giving them 6-8 weeks notice should also give them enough time to make the necessary travel arrangements.

Choosing the Right Etiquette

When inviting guests to a baby shower, its important to follow the right etiquette. Sending an invitation in the post is acceptable, however its becoming more and more common to email the invites. Whether sending the invites by email or post, make sure that all the important information is clearly provided. This information should include the date, time, location, RSVP details, and any details guests may need to bring.

Its also important to write personal invites for each guest. This not only ensures that the correct details are included in the invites but also shows the guests that they are valued.


For a successful baby shower, its important to know how far in advance to send baby shower invites. Generally, it is best practice to send the invites 6-8 weeks before the shower. This will give guests enough time to make any travel or accommodation arrangements and give the hosts enough time to plan. Incorporating thoughtful details in the invites will ensure that every guest feels welcomed and valued. How far in advance to send baby shower invites is key for a successful baby shower.