How Long For A Baby Shower

how long for a baby shower

How Long Should a Baby Shower Last?

Planning a baby shower can be a daunting task. One of the most important decisions to consider when planning a baby shower is how long it should last for the occasion to be suitable and enjoyable for everyone in attendance. To make sure that your baby shower is as perfect as possible, you should plan the length of the event carefully.

Length of Baby Shower

As a general rule, baby showers typically last two to three hours. A baby shower should be long enough to give the guests time to socialize and enjoy the event, without it becoming too long and dull. Two hours is usually enough time for guests to arrive, eat, play baby shower games, and exchange gifts. A third hour can be added to the baby shower if needed for extras, such as a nappy cake or clothing competition. A longer baby shower may be required if the guest list is very large or if members of the family are coming in from different cities.

Factor in Travel Time

When deciding how long for the baby shower, it is important to consider the amount of time it will take everyone to arrive at the event. If the guests are all in the same city, two hours should be enough time for them to arrive at the baby shower, depending on the location. If guests have to travel from different cities, then an extra hour should be added on to give them enough time to travel and arrive at the baby shower on time.

Consider Food

A baby shower usually includes light snacks, such as cupcakes or finger food, as well as drinks. It is important to factor in the time it will take for guests to eat before deciding on a length for the baby shower. If the food is to be served at the beginning of the event, you should give guests at least one hour to eat and socialize after they have arrived. If the food will be served later into the baby shower, then an extra hour should be added on for guests to enjoy the food.

Plan Activities

Baby showers normally include activities, such as baby shower games, where guests can win prizes. When planning the length of the baby shower, make sure to allocate enough time for the activities you are planning. Most activities will take around an hour, depending on the number of people playing and the type of game. If you are planning on having multiple activities, add an extra hour to the length of the baby shower accordingly.


When planning a baby shower, it is important to determine how long the event should last so that all guests have an enjoyable time. As a general rule, two to three hours is the optimal length for a baby shower. However, depending on the guest list and the activities you are planning, this length can be extended if needed. When planning a baby shower, always take into account factors such as travel time, food, and activities to make sure that everyone can enjoy the event to its fullest potential. To get it right, consider how long for a baby shower to make the event a success.