How Many People Baby Shower

how many people baby shower

How Many People Should You Have for a Baby Shower?

When a new baby is on its way, its time to celebrate with a baby shower. This special event isnt just to shower gifts upon the expectant parents, but also to bring friends and family together to enjoy the anticipation of the arrival of the bundle of joy. When it comes to planning the perfect baby shower, one of the biggest questions about who to invite is essential: how many people should you have for a baby shower?

The size of your baby shower will depend on various factors. Of course, your budget will be a factor, as larger parties normally require more money to host. The size of the venue, as well as any restrictions it might have, will also be something to consider. Additionally, the type of shower desired often determines the number of guests that are invited.

The Traditional Shower

The traditional shower is the most common type, and it normally involves gift-opening and other activities. The number of people typically invited to a traditional baby shower is between five and fifteen. Many hosts stick with a total of 12 to get the best of both worlds: the size to accommodate everybody, but not too many that the event is overflowing.

Gift-Giving Guests

If you plan on having people bring gifts, keep in mind that the size of your guest list certainly affects the number of gifts that you can expect. While some will choose to go big and spend a lot, its not standard. Dont expect a high number of guests to translate to a larger number of gifts.

Intimate Shower

If you plan on having a smaller, more intimate celebration, then you dont need to always abide by the traditional number of guests. In these cases, you can invite as few as two people to join in the celebration. However, you should consider how many obligation guests there are — those that the expectant mom feels they really must invite out of politeness or courtesy — as they must be included on the guest list.

Co-Ed Baby Shower

Most baby showers are all female, but thats not always the case. If you plan on having a co-ed baby shower, then you may have to invite some additional people, depending on how popular the expectations are. A co-ed baby shower is a great way to include the expectant father and his friends.

Bigger Celebration

If youre throwing the baby shower for a family member or close friend, having a larger celebration isnt out of the ordinary. Many are throwing larger parties of 25 or more in order to accommodate the growing number of invitees. If youre hosting a larger shower, its best to forewarn your guests that its a larger event as soon as possible.

When it comes to hosting the perfect baby shower, understanding how many people you should have for a baby shower isnt always easy. The size of the party depends on various factors including budget, venue size, and desired activities. The traditional shower normally involves five to fifteen attendees, with some going for larger celebrations up to 25 or more. If youre looking for more intimate events, then fewer than five people can be the perfect choice. Ultimately, how many people you have for a baby shower is up to the parents, so make sure to keep their wishes at the top of the list.

When planning a baby shower, the number of guests should always be taken into consideration. Every expectant expecting parent has different desires when it comes to how many people should be involved in the celebration, and the size of the party that is planned should reflect those wishes. Whether youre looking for a traditional baby shower with five to fifteen guests or a more intimate event with fewer than five people, having an understanding of how many people to have for a baby shower is essential. Ultimately, the parents will decide on the size of the celebration, but understanding the guest size options available can help in making the decision.