How Many People To Invite To A Baby Shower

how many people to invite to a baby shower

If you’re planning a baby shower for a close family member or friend, the question of “How Many People to Invite to a Baby Shower?” is one that you’ll inevitably face. After all, you want the celebration to honor the new baby without overwhelming the expectant parents or other guests. To understand the answer to this question, keep reading and consider the goals of the party, the space available, the scope of available activities, and your budget.

What Are Your Goals for the Baby Shower?

When considering how many people to invite to a baby shower, it’s important to look at the particular goals you want to accomplish through the gathering. Is it a close, intimate event intended to shower the mother and baby with gifts and affection? Or is it a large gathering with plenty of games, food, and fun? If you’d like the event to include games, you may need more than just a few close friends; if the focus is on sharing the news of the baby’s arrival with friends and family, you may not have to invite the entire extended family.

What Is the available Space?

When planning a baby shower, you’ll also have to consider the number of people you can fit into the space where you’re hosting the shower. It’s best to choose a space that can comfortably accommodate the amount of people you’re expecting. If you’re planning a larger gathering, you may want to rent out a bigger location like a reception hall or conference room. If you need to keep the number of attendees small due to the size of the available space, consider hosting a series of smaller showers instead of one large event.

What Activities Will Be Included?

The goal of the baby shower should also dictate what activities you plan. If you’re featuring a lot of games, you’ll need to consider having enough guests to comfortably cover all the participants. If you plan on having larger groups of people interacting with one another and sharing the news, composing a larger guest list may be the right way to go.

What’s Your Budget?

Think carefully when considering how many people to invite to a baby shower, as your budget will most likely be affected by the number of guests. If you plan what you can comfortably afford to provide for each guest, the budget may help to determine the number of guests you’d like to have. You may also want to consider other elements, such as if you’ll need to rent tables and chairs or additional decorations to make the space inviting to all the guests.

The Right Number of Guests

When it all comes down to it, the right number of people to invite to a baby shower is the amount that you’re comfortable with and the amount that can be reasonably accommodated within the space you’re working with. You’ll want to ask yourself the questions suggested above to make sure you plan for the right number of people. Once you answer these questions, you’ll have a better sense of how many people to invite to a baby shower.


We hope this guide has been helpful in determining the answer to the question “How Many People to Invite to a Baby Shower?” The most important thing is that you remember to consider your guest’s expectations, the available space, the scope of activities, and of course your budget. This way, you can ensure that everyone involved has a memorable experience and can be part of such an important and exciting celebration.