How Much Money To Spend On Baby Shower Gift

how much money to spend on baby shower gift

How Much Money to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift

When it comes to buying a baby shower gift, it can be difficult to decide how much money to spend. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right and make the day special for the expectant mom and dad-to-be. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to consider how much money to spend on baby shower gift as well as the budget of the recipients.

Factors that Should Influence Your Decision

Before we dive into how much money to spend on baby shower gift, it’s important to consider the wider context of the mom-to-be and their preferences. It’s a good idea to think around the theme of the baby shower, and who will be attending.

As with any gift shopping, you should take into consideration the interests of the expectant couple, as well as their financial situation. The mom and dad-to-be may already have a registry for the baby shower, which you can look at for any gift ideas. Other factors to consider include the size of their family, and whether the baby will be their first or not.

Gift Categories

Once you’ve considered the wider context, it’s time to think about the budget for the baby shower gift. While there is no definitive amount to spend, there are some general categories you can fall into. These include:

•Basic gift: If you are on a budget, you can always opt for a practical gift, such as bodysuits, booties, or sleepers. A basic gift doesn’t have to be expensive and it will still make a great impression.

•Mid-range gift: If you have a bigger disposable income and want to get something special, a mid-range gift can be a great choice. Here, you could choose something unique like a set of baby clothes, or a special baby chair.

•Luxury gift: If you have the disposable income and willing to push the price tag up, you can get something extra special for the mom-to-be. Think expensive baby toys, or a nursery furniture set.

Consider your Relationship with the Recipients

When it comes to how much money to spend on baby shower gift, it’s important to consider your relationship with the recipients. If the mom-to-be is a family member or a close friend, you may want to opt for something extra special. On the other hand, if you work with the mom-to-be or you’re not that close, you may decide to opt for something more affordable.

Regardless of what your budget is, it’s important to make sure the gift is personal and thoughtful. If the mom and dad-to-be are expecting their first child, a keepsake item such as a personalized baby blanket or a special book can make a great gift.

Other Gift Options

If you feel stuck for gift ideas, there are other options you can consider. Experiences are a popular option, and can make great presents for the mom-to-be. This could be something like tickets to a show, or a massage spa package. Alternatively, you could opt for a gift card or donation to a charity, which she may appreciate.

No matter what you choose, you want to ensure it’s special and has extra meaning for the mom-to-be. That way, you can make sure the baby shower will be a memorable occasion for all involved.


It’s important to consider how much money to spend on baby shower gift based on the wider context. From factors such as the budget of the recipients, to the type of gift and relationship with the expectant couple, there are many elements to think about. Whether you opt for a basic, mid-range, or luxury gift, make sure it’s personal and meaningful to the mom and dad-to-be.