How Much To Give At A Baby Shower

how much to give at a baby shower

How Much to Give at a Baby Shower: Estimating the Perfect Gift

A baby shower is a special event meant to be celebrated and enjoyed by the expectant parents. But the question of how much to give at a baby shower can create both anxiety and confusion. Fortunately, with a few simple guidelines and tips, its possible to determine the perfect amount that will make both the recipient and yourself feel good about your gift.

The Value of Thoughtful Gifts

When considering how much to give at a baby shower, one of the most important things to remember is that the amount doesn’t always matter. A thoughtful, well-chosen gift or creative gesture made as a gesture of love for the new little bundle of joy and the parents taking care of them can often mean more than some expensive offering. Whether its a homemade card, a poem or a gift basket filled with presents that have been specifically chosen to fit the babys age and gender, consider taking some extra time to create something that will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come

Gift Ideas Based on Cost

That being said, for some people, it can be helpful to have some budgetary guidelines in mind ahead of time as they determine how much to give at a baby shower. Most people will want to spend between $20 and $50 on a baby shower gift, although there are definitely situations in which higher or lower amounts may be appropriate.

For example, if you are attending a baby shower for a relative or close friend, you may want to give a slightly larger amount to demonstrate your sentiment and appreciation. If the shower is really casual or you are on a tight budget, however, a small token gift like a stuffed animal may be completely appropriate.

Creative Ways to Give

If you dont want to simply give money or buy a gift from a registry, consider putting your own creative spin on the baby shower gift. For example, you might give a handmade quilt or matching clothes sets for the entire family. Or you might give gift cards or certificates that could be used for a service like babysitting or meals delivered to the new familys home.

These types of thoughtful gifts may cost more than an item from the registry, but they will be appreciated and used for many years to come.

When in Doubt, Go with Group Gifts

Attending a baby shower with friends or family members? Consider going in together and getting something larger and more luxurious that the new parents might not normally buy for themselves. A play kitchen, a high-end stroller or a family photo shoot are all great gifts that the entire group can contribute to. Plus, it will give the new parents one less thing to think about in the months after the baby arrives.

Helpful Tips For Following Etiquette

No matter how much you want to give, consider the etiquette associated with baby showers. To be respectful, you should always attend a baby shower if you are invited, even if you aren’t comfortable about how much to give.

At the same time, remember that you dont have to bring a physical gift to a baby shower. Cash and gift cards are still totally acceptable and preferred by some new parents. Just make sure the card or envelope is professionally wrapped and tells the recipients that you cant wait to welcome the new baby into your life.

The Bottom Line When Considering How Much to Give at a Baby Shower
At the end of the day, the most important thing when preparing how much to give at a baby shower is to think about the new familys personality and lifestyle. Will they enjoy a handmade quilt or are they more practical? Will they be able to use a high-end stroller or a baby gym in the months to come?

When all else fails, remember that no matter how much to give at a baby shower, the thought behind the gift is really what counts. Focus on giving something meaningful and meaningful and creative to the soon-to-be parents and select a gift that will be something the family enjoys for years to come.