How Much To Give For A Baby Shower

how much does the average baby shower cost

How Much to Give for a Baby Shower

When youre planning a baby shower – whether its for yourself or a friend or family member its important to know how much to give for a baby shower. The baby shower should be an enjoyable occasion for everyone in attendance, and it should reflect your level of appreciation for the expecting parents. Knowing how much to give for a baby shower can help you gauge your gift selection accordingly.

Common Gift Giving Etiquette at Baby Showers

When it comes to properly knowing how much to give for a baby shower, the general guideline for gift giving etiquette is that gifts should typically be valued between $20 and $50. If youre very close to the expecting parents or if your budget allows for it, the upper limit of your baby shower gift could be between $50 and $100.

This ensures that youre choosing a meaningful, thoughtful gift that the expecting parents will enjoy and appreciate, while also being mindful of your own financial obligations. Keep in mind that the gift-giving etiquette for a baby shower is not set in stone use this advice as a guideline when youre doing your shopping.

Save Money and Shop Thoughtfully

Its okay to buy a less expensive item, as long as the gift is meaningful and something the expecting parents would appreciate. While its a much kinder gesture to give a generous baby shower gift, there are ways to show your appreciation without spending a fortune. If youre gift shopping on a budget, consider buying an item that the expecting family would typically purchase themselves, but in more substantial amounts than the average consumer.

For instance, a common gift at a baby shower is diapers. A pack of diapers isnt very expensive, but when you buy dozens or even hundreds of diapers, it can make for quite an impressive gift. If the expecting parents would need to purchase the item anyway, its an affordable way to show your thing for them without breaking your bank.

Additionally, if the expecting family is registered at a particular store, you can browse their registry to see what items theyve already requested. This can help you stick to thebetween $20 and $50 gift-giving guideline, while still providing the expecting parents with a memorable, thoughtful gift.

Other Creative Gift Ideas

Aside from stick to the $20 to $50 gift-giving guideline and browsing the expecting familys registry, there are plenty of other creative and affordable ways to give the expecting family a meaningful gift. Consider going in with a group of friends or family to purchase a more expensive item that may not fit in a single individuals budget. This is a great way to give a significant gift that the expecting parents will appreciate.

Other low-cost option ideas include making a handmade item for the expecting family, such as a blanket, layette set, or quilt. Homemade items are not only thoughtful, but theyre also often very much appreciated. If youre crafty, consider putting together a basket of items, such as natural bath and skincare items, an activity book, and healthy snacks. These are all classic items that are sure to be enjoyed by the expecting family.


When prepping for a baby shower, one of the most important aspects to consider is how much to give. Its a kind, considerate gesture to give a meaningful gift to the expecting parents, but its important to be mindful of your own financial obligations at the same time. Utilize a guidelines of between $20 and $50, or consider going in with a group of individuals to purchase an item of more substantial value. How much to give for a baby shower is a personal decision, and the expecting parents will be overjoyed with anything you give that shows you care for them and their new baby.