How Much To Give For Baby Shower Gift

how much to give for baby shower gift

How Much to Give for a Baby Shower Gift

Coming up with the perfect baby shower gift isn’t always easy. You want to get something meaningful and special while also making sure that it fits into the recipient’s budget. One of the most common questions when it comes to baby shower gifts is: ‘How much should I give?’ To help you decide on the perfect gift, we’ve put together a handy guide outlining how much to give as a baby shower gift.

What is an Appropriate Amount?

The amount you give for a baby shower gift will depend on your budget and the gift you have chosen. Generally speaking, aiming to give a gift somewhere between $20-50 is a good starting point. Its also worth remembering that its the thoughtfulness, not the amount, that really matters. Its perfectly acceptable to give either a smaller, more considered gift or a larger, more generous one – just make sure you make it clear that the present is from the heart.

What Can You Give?

When deciding how much to give for a baby shower gift, its important to think about the type of present you are buying. If you are choosing to give something that is. If you are giving something particularly meaningful or expensive, such as a hand-crafted quilt or treasured piece of jewelry, you may want to give a little more. However, if you opt for something simple and practical like a travel system or a cot, providing something at the lower end of the price spectrum should be fine.

What Should You Avoid?

Its important to remember that while its nice to show your generosity, there is such a thing as being too generous. When it comes to deciding how much to give for a baby shower gift, its worth considering whether your gift could be seen as overly lavish or ostentatious. Things like extravagant items of jewelry, super-luxe clothing or one-off custom pieces are probably best avoided – unless the occasion is particularly special, of course.

Remember, Its All About the Thought

Ultimately, when it comes to deciding how much to give for a baby shower gift, the most important thing to keep in mind is that its the thought that counts. Giving gifts to celebrate a new life can feel like a daunting prospect and its very easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed in how much to give for a baby shower gift. Dont worry about the price tag, or who is getting the most or the least, and just focus on the fact that you get to show your love and appreciation to the people who matter.

Personalised Gifts

If you want to give something a little more special, something that the recipient will treasure forever, then why not consider a personalised gift? From baby photo albums to cufflinks, there are loads of different items you can give which are totally unique and individual to the recipient. Moreover, as personalisation isnt always expensive, these gifts can be given regardless of how much you plan to spend.

Be Inspired

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At the end of the day, deciding how much to give for a baby shower gift really comes down to personal preference. Keep in mind that its the thoughtfulness of the gift that really counts – not the size of it. Whether you choose to give a simple yet useful gift, or something more extravagant and sentimental, how much you give for a baby shower gift doesnt matter as long as its from the heart. How much you give for a baby shower gift really comes down to what is most meaningful to the recipient.