How Much To Give For Coworker Baby Shower

how much to give for coworker baby shower

How Much to Give for a Coworker Baby Shower

Showering a coworker with gifts as they prepare to welcome baby into the world is a lovely gesture of gratitude. Giving the perfect baby shower present to a coworker can be quite a delicate endeavor; You’ll want to ensure that your coworker’s needs and desires are met, but you’ll also want to stay within budget and show your appreciation in an appropriate way. Here is everything you need to know about how much to give in a coworker baby shower.

Decide on a Baby Shower Gift Budget

When deciding how much to give for a coworker’s baby shower, you should consider the relationship you have with your coworker, as well as what your budget allows. This helps you make the final decision on how much you’ll be able to spend. Plus this will also help you narrow down your gift ideas significantly.

If the coworker is someone you’ve been working with for a long time and is a close friend, chances are you’ll likely have a greater budget for a more generous gift. For example, you could give something like a portable baby crib or a diaper bag set filled with necessary baby items. Whereas if your coworker is someone you rarely interact with, you may be more vested in a smaller gift such as an assortment of organic baby toys or soothing baby products.

Consider Gift Ideas

Along with deciding a gift budget, it’s important to consider the type of items your coworker might need. If the coworker is new to parenting, a basket of newborn baby necessities could be the ideal choice. This could include items such as rattles, onesies, newborn diapers, and baby lotion. If the coworker already has kids, consider buying something that will be beneficial for the whole family. Items like family board games, outwear clothing sets, or even entertainment passes are some perfect ideas you can pick up.

Think About Budget-Friendly Gift Alternatives

If your budget is tight, there are still some heartwarming gift ideas that won’t break the bank. A great way to give is a subscription-based gift. A monthly subscription to baby and mom magazines or a subscription to baby products could be a great inexpensive surprise for your coworker.

If you’d still prefer a physical gift, gift wrapping sampler sets are an amazing budget-friendly solution. Or you can give a bottle of organic baby shampoo and body wash, or a gift card to a baby store. These gifts are not only affordable; they bring a lot of joy to the new mom-to-be.

Wrap Up

When it comes to giving to your coworker for their baby shower, the most important thing is to be thoughtful and considerate. Whether you have the budget for an expensive gift or a budget-friendly option, make sure that you include a personalized card or a heartfelt letter expressing your good wishes. This small gesture will surely be appreciated by your coworker. Now that you know how much to give for a coworker baby shower, it’s time to start shopping for your coworker’s precious bundle of joy.


Gifting a newborn baby shower gift or a fun item for the mom-to-be is the perfect way to celebrate how much to give for a coworker baby shower. Whether you opt for a large gift or a simple token of your appreciation, make sure the gift you choose reflects your relationship with your coworker. Choose something meaningful and be sure to include a warm message expressing your best wishes. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so no matter how much you give, your coworker is sure to be appreciative.