How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Party

how much to spend on baby shower party

How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Party

Planning a baby shower can be a fun and exciting experience, but it is also important to make sure that the celebrations don’t break the bank. Its natural to want the party to be the best possible for your friend or family member, yet its important to know how much to spend on baby shower party.

The cost of a baby shower gathering can depend on the size and scale of the event, the type of venue, the decorations, and the food and beverages on offer. While the focus of the day is generally on the expecting mom and is an opportunity to shower her with love and gifts, its essential that the budget is understood and agreed upon before anyone starts to make arrangements.

Decide On The Size

Having a realistic idea of the number of guests will help to determine how much to spend on baby shower party. A bubbly afternoon tea for five guests needs far less budget than an extravagant dinner for 30 guests.

It can be tempting to make the guest list longer to make the event grand, but a big crowd can be financially tricky to accommodate. To peg down the budget, family and close friends may be the best option when throwing a baby shower that doesn’t go over budget.

Choose A Venue

Deciding on the venue is one of the most important choices when it comes to throwing the perfect baby shower. Many couples underestimate the cost of hiring a venue, so make sure to research any possible prices first.

For a more cost-effective option, consider hosting the baby shower at the home of friends or family, or even in the babys nursery or living room. Alternatively, a local community center rented for the day can be a more affordable option.

Set A Catering Budget

Food is normally the key factor when deciding how much to spend on baby shower party. There are lots of ways to keep the food costs relatively low, even if the guest list is large.

A variety of finger food and sandwiches is a practical option for larger parties, or for something a bit more special, try a potluck buffet. Guests will be more than happy to bring along dishes, which will make a saving on the catering costs.

Manage The Beverages

The best way to save money and keep non-alcoholic beverage costs down is to offer one or two signature drinks. This can be easily arranged with something like lemonade or flavored iced tea and will add a tantalizing edge to the party.

Alcoholic beverages can be costly, but this can be managed by asking guests to bring their own drinks. For a special treat, choose the mom-to-bes favorite cocktail and provide the ingredients for each guest to make their own.

Stay Within Limits For Decorations

Baby shower decorations should match the colors, theme, and personality of the expecting mom. Whether you’re celebrating in a big hall or a tiny living room, there’s no need to spend a lot on decorations.

Visit your local thrift or dollar store and pick out inexpensive items like table cloths, streamers, place mats and candles that will add lots of festivity without spending too much. Also, think about personalizing the decorations like homemade photo-frames and even a homemade cake to match the baby shower theme.

Keep Gifts Affordable

Guests of the baby shower are traditionally expected to bring a gift for the baby or the expecting mother. When it comes to gifts, practicality is usually key. A handmade blanket or a themed book are good, affordable options.

These types of gifts still seem more expensive than the cost of simply buying a card. However, constantly suggesting gifts also adds to the cost of a baby shower party.


Baby showers are a time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby, and the focus of the event should be on the expecting mother.

Creating the perfect baby shower requires careful consideration of the event size, venue, catering, beverages, decorations, and gifts. Knowing how much to spend on baby shower party is essential if you dont want the party to blow the budget. With thought and careful planning, an unforgettable baby shower can be created in any budget.