How To Add Registry To Baby Shower Invitation

how to add registry to baby shower invitation

How to Add Registry to Baby Shower Invitation

Organizing a baby shower for a friend or family member is a special occasion. From the food to the decorations, everything must be just right in order for everyone to feel especially welcomed. One important detail that is often overlooked is a baby shower registry. A registry can help guests make the perfect gift for the little one. Here is a guide on how to add registry to baby shower invitation.

What is a Baby Shower Registry?

A baby shower registry is a curated list of gifts that the baby’s parents would love for the baby. The registry can include anything ranging from clothing items or nursery decorations to everyday needs. This registry can be set up with any number of stores.

Benefits of Having a Baby Shower Registry

Having a registry makes the baby shower planning process much simpler. It helps guests pick the perfect item as a gift for the baby. It also helps the parent or parents get what they need without having to return multiple items that may have been purchased twice. This helps with overall costs and the hassle of having to exchange gifts.

How to Add Registry to Baby Shower Invitation

Adding a baby shower registry to the invitation is a good way to let guests know about the registry without having to mention it to each guest individually. Here are some steps to help you add the registry details to the invitation:

1. First, decide which store or stores you want for the registry. An easy way to do this is to select one store that offers a wide range of items for the baby.

2. Once you’ve selected the store, check to see if they have an online registry. This is important as it will make it easier for guests to access the registry and view the items on the list.

3. Next, look for a template on the store’s website, as well as other places online such as Etsy or Paperless Post, to create the invitation.

4. Finally, add the registry link to the invitation. Make sure the link is clear and easy to find.


It is important to remember that not every guest may be familiar with creating a registry or searching for one online. To avoid any issues, make sure to include instructions on the invitation about how to view and purchase from the registry.

It is also important to thank the guests for their gifts ahead of time. This will show your appreciation and encourage people to purchase from the registry for the little one.


Creating a registry for a baby shower is a great way to let guests know exactly what the parent or parents need for the baby. Adding the registry to the invitation is a good way to make it easier for guests to find the registry and make sure they get the perfect gift. Now that you know how to add registry to baby shower invitation, you can start planning your own shower with ease.