How To Ask For Books Instead Of Cards For Baby Shower

how to ask for books instead of cards for baby shower

How to Ask for Books Instead of Cards for Baby Shower

In times gone by, it was always customary to bring cards to anyone throwing a baby shower. But recently, there has been an increasing trend for people to ask for something a bit different when they throw a baby shower – books instead of cards. This is becoming such a popular request that there is even an app and website that promotes it.

The “Books not Cards” campaign encourages expecting families to either register for books at local stores or to create a request list of books on websites like Amazon. It is an attempt to encourage children’s literacy from a young age and to give parents books that they can read to their children from birth.

But if you are someone who has been invited to a baby shower soon, you may be at a loss as to how to ask for books instead of cards without seeming like you are asking for too much or offending anyone. Here are some tips on how to ask for books instead of cards for baby shower:

Create Your List of Books

One of the best ways to go about asking for books instead of cards for baby shower is to create a list of books that you would like. Make sure the list of books that you create is small enough for people to be able to purchase them all at once. After all, not everyone has enough money to buy several individual books as gifts.

You can create this list and share it with family and friends either online (through book registry websites or even email) or by providing them with a physical copy. Remember to be as specific about the books you want as possible, including the titles, authors, and publishers.

Share It On Social Networks

Once you have created your list of books, you can share it on social networks so that potential book-givers have easy access to it. This ensures that you not only reach your immediate circle of family and friends but also more distant acquaintances who may also want to join in your little project and send books as well.

You can include a book registry in the description of the event or include links to online book registries – either way, make sure your social media post is visible and can easily be shared.

Talk to the Host

You should also talk to the host before the event and let them know that you are asking for books instead of cards for the baby shower. This gives them ample time to make the necessary arrangements so that everyone can take part in your initiative. They may also pass on your request to other guests and assure them that it is OK to bring books instead of cards.

Request for Used Books

Used books can be just as good and interesting as new ones, which is why you should also consider requesting for used books as well. By asking people to bring used books, or even having an online registry for used books, you can give your family and friends the opportunity to buy less expensive gifts for you and the baby.

You can also ask your family members to bring any books related to the baby’s interests. This will provide the baby with books that they are sure to enjoy once they are bigger.

Don’t Forget About Monetary Gifts

Finally, while books are wonderful for babies, you should not forget about asking for monetary gifts as well. While books are certainly appreciated, special items or experiences that the baby’s parents may not be able to afford otherwise, such as swimming lessons or a trip, can be just as rewarding if not more.

Asking for books instead of cards for baby shower is an innovative yet trendy and thoughtful idea. By following these steps, you can not only ensure that the baby’s library is full with great books from birth but also start an important conversation about early childhood literacy.

Ultimately, the understanding of how to ask for books instead of cards for baby shower not only guarantees a more surprising and memorable way to celebrate the birth of a baby but also promotes reading and literacy among a new generation of readers.

One thing is certain: asking for books instead of cards for a baby shower is certainly one of the most awesome and creative requests you can make – not to mention an important contribution to the world of literature. So the next time you are invited to a baby shower, why not opt for books instead of cards?


By following these simple steps, you can create a special list of books that any baby would love to get as a gift. Remember, “Books not Cards” for baby shower – how to ask for books instead of cards for baby shower.

It is a decision you and your family and friends won’t regret – and one that will ensure your little one’s library is full of wonderful books from birth.

At the end of the day, how to ask for books instead of cards for baby shower is a simple yet thoughtful way of celebrating a new life with a clear and lasting contribution to literacy.
What could be better than that?