How To Make Baby Shower Diaper Bike

how to make baby shower diaper bike

How to Make a Baby Shower Diaper Bike

Baby showers are special occasions that celebrate the arrival of a new baby and bring friends and family together in joyous celebration. As an organiser, you can add extra fun to the event by making a unique and memorable diaper bike. Whether its to hang as a decoration or be presented as a photo opportunity at the baby shower, making a diaper bike is easy, affordable and sure to put a smile on everyones faces.

What Is a Diaper Bike?

A diaper bike is a large decorative bicycle created out of disposable nappies. It is usually used as a decoration at baby showers, but the fun doesnt stop there. A diaper bike can also be presented as a fun photo opportunity for guests to pose in front of, making a memorable moment to look back on and share with the happy parents-to-be.

What You Will Need

Before you get started creating the perfect bicycle, make sure you gather the following materials and supplies:

2-4 boxes of disposable diapers
A 2 or 3 foot tall ladder
An inflatable beach ball
Foil paper
A cardboard pizza box
Hot glue gun

Creating the Diaper Bike

Now its time to get started making the diaper bike. The following steps will help you create a delightful decoration or interactive photo opportunity:

Step One: Assemble the Frame of the Bicycle

The first step is to assemble the frame of the bicycle. To do this, set up the ladder and tape two disposable nappies on either side in a V shape. These will form the back wheel and handlebars of the bicycle. The nappies should fit neatly together and the wheels should be able to spin.

Step Two: Create the Tires

Once the frame is complete, its time to create the tires. Place two boxes of diapers next to the ladder and roll the beach ball in an upward motion against the diapers, running it around the circumference of the boxes. Every few rolls, secure with tape on the beach ball to ensure it doesnt unravel. When both tires are complete, attach them to the frame with more tape.

Step Three: Make the Seat

Once the frame and tires are finished, its time to create the seat. Cut the top off the cardboard pizza box and use scissors to make appropriate slits along the sides. Place the cardboard seat against the top of the frame and attach it with more tape.

Step Four: Final Touches

When the frame and seat are complete, its time to add the final touches to your diaper bike. Cut more pieces of foil paper into small strips and use hot glue to secure them onto the frame as a decorative feature. You can also use foil paper to create a logo or symbol to stick onto the seat for an extra special visual effect.

Step Five: Fill and Hang Up the Diaper Bike

When the diaper bike is complete, fill it with the remaining diapers until it is bursting with shape and colour. Then its time to hang it up! Find a good spot at the party and suspend the bike from the ceiling, and voila! You have made a delightful and fun baby shower decoration or photo opportunity.


Creating a diaper bike is a fun and creative way to add a unique element to any baby shower. With a few simple materials and a few minutes crafting, you can create an eye-catching decoration or interactive photo opportunity that will be the highlight of the celebrations. Whether its used as a decoration or as a fun-filled activity for guests to enjoy, making a diaper bike is sure to make the baby shower extra special. With this guide, you can successfully learn how to make a baby shower diaper bike.