How To Make Baby Shower Gifts Made From Diapers

how to make baby shower gifts made from diapers

How to Make Baby Shower Gifts Made From Diapers

It’s no secret that baby showers are a big deal in any parent’s life. Preparing for the event can often lead to quite a bit of confusion, not least about what gifts to present to the expecting family. Diapers are a universal baby shower gift, especially from far-off relatives who might not be too aware of the other needs of the newborn. However, there are ways to turn diapers into unique and thoughtful presents for the mother-to-be. With just a little bit of effort and a few craft supplies, you can make baby shower gifts made from diapers that are sure to be a hit and will be remembered for years to come.

DIY Diaper Cake

The most popular gift made from diapers is the decoratively prepared diaper cake. Usually made in the shape of a three or four layer cake, it is made entirely from diapers and rolled up inken to resemble a cake. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like and make a stunning centrepiece for the reception.

To make the diaper cake, roll up a single diaper and secure it tightly with a rubber band or string. Make around 40 to 50 of these ‘diaper rolls’. Once you’ve rolled up all the diapers, you can start assembling the ‘cake’. Take a cardboard sheet or any other rigid base and use it as the foundation for your diaper cake. Place the stacked diaper rolls, one on top of another, in a spiral pattern on the base. Place a smaller cardboard base on top and proceed to stack the diapers the same way as you did for the bottom base. Make sure to push the diapers together so that they hold together firmly. When you’re done, you can play around with ribbons, flowers, and other decorations. Alternatively, attach stuffed animals or baby toys for a bit more character.

Diaper Babies

Diaper babies are a variation on the classic diaper cake and make for delightfully cute baby shower gifts. The process for making the babies is quite similar to what you’d do for the cake, albeit with a few changes in the end product. As with the diaper cake, start off by rolling up the diapers and securing the ‘packages’ with a string or rubber band. This time though, each piece will be used to construct something slightly more complex. Place 4 of the rolls uptightly together and then use a rubber band to shape them into the shape of a baby. You can then add doll limbs, a head, and other fabric items to make it look more realistic. With a bit of creativity, you can make these charming little baby figures look just as endearing as those in the store.

How to Make Baby Shower Gifts Made From Diapers for a Special Touch

If the mom-to-be is someone especially close to you, like a best friend, then consider going one step further and adding a bit of extra embellishment. You can purchase ribbons, fabric paints, and other items to make the gift extra special. If you are close to the family, you can even add personalised items for the newborn baby, like embroidered onesies or even hand-knitted toy animals. Regardless of what you choose, these extra touches will show the family that you really put thought in their presents.

Gifting Diapers ‘As Is’

Sometimes the simplest options can be the most effective. If you’re in a tight spot, or if you’d like to spare the trouble of making a complex baby shower gift, then consider simply taking brand new diapers and wrapping them in beautiful paper. You can add ribbons, personalised messages, and anything that you think would make the present even more special. So, if you’re short on time or budget, then don’t hesitate to take the simple yet effective route.


Baby showers are one of the most special days in anyone’s life and it’s usually a good idea to get gifts ahead of time. Instead of spending a fortune on pricey baby items, you can make thoughtful, meaningful baby shower gifts made from diapers that are sure to be treasured. With a bit of crafting skill and some personalised embellishment, you can make your baby shower gifts stand out from the crowd. So, don’t forget to get creative and put a bit of your own personal touch on your gifts and show the expecting family how much they mean to you. The simplest yet most thoughtful present can come in the form of baby shower gifts made from diapers. Just remember to make sure your gifts are special and filled with love.