How To Make Cute Baby Shower Gifts

how to make cute baby shower gifts

How to Make Cute Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is an exciting time for new parents and their friends. It is a time to celebrate the pending arrival of a new bundle of joy, which means it’s also time to think of some cute baby shower gifts. Whether the gift-giver is looking for something to make the new mom smile, or for something to help the new parents prepare for their new baby, there are plenty of options for baby shower gifts that are creations just for them.

Ideas for Crafty and Stylish Presents

When choosing baby shower gifts, it is important to think of something that is both useful and thoughtful. It can be hard to decide on just the right thing, so here are some ideas of how to make cute baby shower gifts that the mother-to-be will treasure and the baby will love.

A Hand-Knitted Baby Blanket

Nothing will keep a newborn baby snug and warm like a hand-knitted baby blanket. This gift not only looks great, but is also practical. While this gift may require some knitting skills, even a novice knitter can easily make a beautiful blanket for a baby shower. For those with limited time and skills, no-sew blankets can be made with two layers of fleece fabric and trim – a basic and easy task.

A Customized Baby Book

Custom made books are an excellent and unique way to treasure your memories. There are several companies that offer this service online. Photobook websites let you select photos and organize them into a layout of your design. As each page is added to the book, special texts and captions can be added. A custom made baby book can be filled with memories of the mother during her pregnancy, the baby’s birth and the newborn’s first year.

Personalized Onesies

What is cuter than a little baby in an adorable onesie? Shopping for these small garments can be pricey, but they make great personalized gifts. It is possible to buy a package of plain onesies and personalize them with fabric paints, fabric glue or creating some fun appliques for the baby’s outfits. The baby’s initials can also be stenciled onto the fabric. The baby’s parents may be thrilled to show the little one off in her personalized attire.

Food Fun Basket

A great way to welcome the baby into the world is to give a food fun basket packed with baby-friendly treats. This could include teething biscuits, snack cups and kid-friendly dip, baby cereal, baby biscuits, and fruit and veggie pouch packets. The basket can also include some toys for the bundle of joy to enjoy during feeding time. Little stuffed animals, rattles, and teethers will provide cute companions for the baby at mealtime.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is one of the many gifts that new parents will thank you for when they are out and about with their new baby. Buying them a diaper bag that is stylish, functional and roomy allows the parents to easily carry everything they need for their baby when they leave the house. The bag should contain several compartments to store diapers, wipes, spare clothes, rattles, teethers and snacks.

Nursery Art

As part of the baby shower decorations, there’s no better way to gift a piece of art to the baby’s nursery. Gift recipients can find inspiration on the web, in catalogues and in home stores. Nursery art can range from beautiful prints, to hand-painted wall letters, to paintings and wall hangings. It is a great way to add uniqueness to the nursery while giving the gift of a piece of art that can be treasured.

Making baby shower gifts is a fun way to mark the upcoming arrival of a new baby. They can range from the practical to the imaginative. Hand-knitted baby blankets, a customized baby book, personalized onesies, a food fun basket, a diaper bag and nursery art are all great ideas for how to make cute baby shower gifts that the mother-to-be and her new bundle of joy will treasure for years to come. When trying to find the perfect gift, it is always a good idea to think of how to make cute baby shower gifts – gifts that are useful, practical, and of course, cute.