How To Make Mums For Baby Shower

how to make mums for baby shower

How to Make Mums for Baby Shower

Bringing a delightful decoration to the baby shower celebration does not have to be expensive. Creating mums for a baby shower are perfect for a handmade craft. This tear drop shaped corsage can make the event festive with just a little bit of time and creativity.

What Do You Need To Make Mums For Baby Shower?

Having the right items on hand is essential to making a successful mum. Assembling the pieces of a mum can be a little confusing, so having the right supplies and tools can make the job easier.

The basic supplies needed to make mums for baby showers include:

-Heavy Duty Scissors
-1/4 inch Ribbon
-2mm Ribbon
-Hot Glue
-Strips of Different Color Fabric
-Safety Pins
-Small Silk Flowers
-Tearing and Shaping Tool

All of these items are available in fabric stores and online.

Assembling the Mum Pieces

One of the easiest ways to make mums for baby showers is to assemble the pieces together. The overall shape of the mum is tear drop like, so it is important to measure and cut the pieces in the right size.

Once the pieces are measured and cut correctly, it is time to assemble them. Hot glue is the best tool to use when making mums as it holds firmly and dries quickly. Line the pieces up on a flat surface and use the hot glue to attach the pieces together. Make sure to locate the same two-millimetre ribbon pieces together for a professional looking finish.

Shaping the Mum

The shaping tool is a must when making mums. The key to a great looking mum is in the shaping. Using the shaping tool, shape the mum into the tear drop shape. Make sure to press firmly, so it will hold its shape.

Adding the Accents

Adding the accents to the mum is the most exciting part of making mums for baby showers. Placing the accents on the mum is really easy.

Using the safety pins, pin the fabric strips around the mum. You can add as many fabric strips as you like. The fabric strips can be the same color or a variety of colors.

Using the hot glue again, place the silk flowers around the mum. The silk flowers can be spaced evenly or randomly. If the mum needs a little extra something, add some ribbons or pearls around the mum.

The Final Touches

Adding the final touches to a mum is the most satisfying. To complete the mum, make sure all the edges are glued down, and the pieces are fitting correctly. Make sure to shape the mum one last time.


Making mums for a baby shower is a fun and inexpensive way to bring a festive feel to the party. As long as the right items are on hand, crafting mums for baby showers can be easy and quick. With a little time and patience, mums made from scratch can make the baby shower celebration extra special.

Creating mums for baby showers is a great way to bring a festive feel to the celebration. With a few supplies and tools, anyone can make mums for a baby shower. Measure and cut the pieces correctly, assemble the pieces together with hot glue, shape the mum into a tear drop shape with the shaping tool, add the accents with safety pins and hot glue, and make sure to add the ribbons or pearls for an extra special look. With just a bit of time and creativity, anyone can make mums for a baby shower.