How To Make Washcloth Cupcakes For Baby Shower

how to make washcloth cupcakes for baby shower

How to Make Washcloth Cupcakes for Baby Shower

Baby showers are often celebrated with creative games and fun activities. One popular addition is to have a centerpiece like a cake, cupcake, or chocolate fountain that doubles as a centerpiece and party favor. The idea of making washcloth cupcakes for a baby shower is a fun and easy way to make the event even more special. By following the steps below, you can create a personalized gift and share your joy with the guests.

Gather the Needed Supplies

To make washcloth cupcakes for a baby shower, you will need to gather a few supplies. This project includes new items like washcloths and rubber bands, as well as some basic craft supplies like ribbons, pipe cleaners, and buttons. Put all of the items aside and prepare your work area.

Tie a Bundle of Washcloths

Take a bundle of washcloths and tie them together with a rubber band, creating the shape of a cupcake. The size of your bundle will depend on the size of the cupcake you would like to make. You can also use different colors for the washcloth cupcake, which makes it even more fun.

Decorate the Washcloth Cupcakes

Now it is time to decorate the washcloth cupcakes. Start by using ribbons and pipe cleaners to create the cupcake decorations. Cut the ribbons into the appropriate lengths and adhere to the cupcakes with the pipe cleaners. Now it is time to add any appliques that you may want, such as flowers or buttons. If you are using buttons, make sure to tie them securely with thread or string.

Final Touches

Once the cupcake decorations are complete, you can secure them with a final knot and you’re ready to gift them out at the baby shower. Let the cupcakes sit out for at least 24 hours to allow the decorations to adhere firmly to the washcloths before they are gifted away.


Creating washcloth cupcakes for a baby shower is a fun way to make the event even more special. By following the steps outlined here, you can create personalized gifts that everyone at the baby shower will enjoy! With a few new items, basic craft supplies, and a little creativity, you will be able to turn a few washcloths into beautiful cupcakes that will make a great addition to any baby shower. Even better? These cupcakes are a great way to spread some excitement and joy as they are shared with everyone at the celebration. So what are you waiting for? Start making washcloth cupcakes for a baby shower today—you won’t regret it!