How To Play Baby Shower Bingo

how to play baby shower bingo


Baby shower bingo is a popular game played at baby showers and is guaranteed to be a fun and entertaining time for everyone. Its easy to arrange, and playing it at your baby shower will add an extra element of fun and laughter to the occasion. This article will explain everything you need to know about how to play baby shower bingo.

What is Baby Shower Bingo?

Baby shower bingo is a game traditionally played at baby showers. Its a bingo-style game, but instead of using numbers, words are used that relate to the baby or the baby shower. Players are each given a blank bingo card and marks off any words that are read out. The first person to get a full line of words marked off wins.

How Do You Set Up Baby Shower Bingo?

Setting up baby shower bingo is simple. All you need are enough bingo cards for each player, some markers or chips and a list of words or items that can be used for the bingo cards.

The simplest way to make bingo cards is to print off blank bingo cards or purchase them from a craft store. You can either print off premade bingo cards with words already on them or make your own by writing words related to the baby shower theme on blank bingo cards.

Now that you have the bingo cards, you need to choose how you want to mark them off. The most common ways are to use chips, beads, candy, coins, buttons, or markers.

Once you have your bingo cards and markers ready, you can write or print out some words related to the baby shower theme and put them in a bowl or hat to serve as the bingo caller.

How to Play Baby Shower Bingo

Playing baby shower bingo is easy. Begin by handing out bingo cards and markers to each player. Let each guest pick a card, and have the bingo caller read out the words one at a time.

Players should mark off any words they have on their cards. When someone gets a full line of words marked off on their card, they should call out Bingo! That person will be the winner.

Variations of Baby Shower Bingo

If you want to make baby shower bingo even more fun and entertaining, there are several variations of the game that can be played.

One variation is to play blackout bingo. Instead of marking off a full line of words, players must mark off all the words on their cards to win.

Another variation is to play team bingo. Divide the guests into two teams and give each team a different colored marker. Then, each team can compete to see who can mark off all the words on their cards first. You can also assign special prizes to each team, such as the team with the most words marked off wins a prize.


Baby shower bingo is a fun and easy game to play at a baby shower. Its a great way to add an element of fun and laughter to the occasion while also creating some special memories. By following the instructions above, you can easily set up and play baby shower bingo. Remember; whoever is the first to mark off a full line of words wins! And most importantly, have fun!

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