How To Write A Baby Shower Invitation Wording

how to write a baby shower invitation wording

How to write a Baby Shower Invitation Wording

A baby shower is a special occasion to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life into the world. It is a wonderful opportunity to welcome a new family member, and to shower them with presents and well-wishes. A beautifully worded invitation is the perfect way to invite family and friends celebrate this milestone with you. Read on to learn how to write a baby shower invitation wording that will ensure that your special day is as perfect as possible.

Creating Your Wordings

The steps to creating an impressive baby shower invitation are simple. The first step is to determine the what the main focus of the invitation should be. Is it to welcome friends and relatives to shower the expectant mother with presents? Or is it a fun-filled event filled with games? The main focus will be the foundation upon which the wording of the invitation will be created.

When the main focus is determined, think about the information that needs to be included in the invitation. Things such as the location, date and time of the event, the baby’s gender if known, the name or initials of the expected baby (if known) are just some of the pieces of pertinent information that should be included. It may also be a good idea to list any requests or expectations that are associated with the baby shower, as well as the expected dress code and any other pertinent information.

Choose your Tone

When writing a baby shower invitation wording, it is important to consider the tone that should be used. Generally, baby shower invitations should be somewhat formal. However, the choice of tone is ultimately up to the host. For example, if the event is intended to be more playful than instructional, the invitation itself can be worded in a more creative and fun manner.

Other things to consider when creating the tone for the invitation are the word choice and the length of the text. The text should be kept fairly concise, ensuring that the necessary information is included, without being overly wordy. Additionally, the text should strive to be welcoming to those being invited, in order to ensure that everyone enjoys the event.

Final Touches

The last step to creating the perfect baby shower invite is to tie everything together. Once the focus, the information and the tone has been established, the host can begin to write the introductory sentence and the closing sentence for the invitation. It is a good idea to make the introduction unique and engaging, so that those who receive the invite will be compelled to attend the event. Additionally, the closing should encompass a sense of anticipation for the event, as well as the opportunity to meet the new family member.

Once the wordings have been created, they should be proofread thoroughly and edited to ensure everything is grammatically correct. Once the words have been perfected, the invitation can then be printed, including a return address if necessary.


Writing a baby shower invitation wording can seem daunting at first, but it does not have to be. An invitation is an important tool to make sure everyone knows when and where the baby shower will be occurring, and any pertinent information associated with it. By following these steps, any host can create a beautiful invitation that will make everyone eager to attend the event to celebrate the pending new arrival.

Creating the perfect baby shower invitation wording may feel intimidating, but it does not have to be. By following these simple steps, you can create an engaging and inviting invite to ensure everyone is excited for the big event. Consider what the focus should be, what information should be included, and what tone should be used. After crafting the ideal invitation, a host should proofread and edit, then send out the beautiful invites. With an eye-catching and thoughtful invitation, the expectant family will be delighted and their guests will be more than eager to attend.

By following these tips, you can create the perfect baby shower invitation wording that will ensure that everyone is excited about this special occasion. As the big day approaches, the expectant parents will be reminiscing about how they announced their baby’s impending arrival to their family and friends. So, don’t worry if you are feeling a bit unsure. As long as you follow these simple steps, how to write a baby shower invitation wording will be easier than you thought it could be.