Pregnancy How Sweet It Is Baby Shower Game

pregnancy how sweet it is baby shower game

Pregnancy How Sweet It Is – A Fun Baby Shower Game

Baby showers are all about celebrating the imminent arrival of a little one and showering the expectant mother with love and excitement. Alongside delightful decorations and scrumptious treats, engaging games add an element of fun and entertainment to the celebration. One such game that promises loads of laughs and enjoyment is “Pregnancy How Sweet It Is.” This playful game is a sweet twist on the classic “How Sweet It Is” game, incorporating pregnancy-related terms and anecdotes. Let’s delve into the details of this entertaining baby shower game.

How to Play the Game

1. Preparation
– Create a list of pregnancy-related words, phrases, or terms. These could include pregnancy symptoms, cravings, baby-related items, or common experiences during pregnancy.
– Create game cards or print out the list, ensuring each participant has a copy.

2. Game Rules
– Distribute the game cards or the list of words to each participant.
– Instruct the participants to mark the terms on the list that they believe are sweet or pleasant experiences during pregnancy.

3. Word Choices
– Include a mix of sweet and challenging terms related to pregnancy. For example
– Sweet Terms “Baby kicks,” “First ultrasound,” “Gender reveal,” etc.
– Challenging Terms “Morning sickness,” “Backaches,” “Sleepless nights,” etc.

4. Scoring
– After all participants have marked their choices, reveal the correct answers.
– Each correct sweet term earns a point, and each incorrect sweet term deducts a point.

5. Winner
– The participant with the highest score at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Adding Fun and Laughter

1. Share Stories
– Encourage participants to share their own pregnancy experiences related to the terms on the list. This adds a personal touch and generates laughter.

2. Guessing the Craving
– Introduce an additional element by having participants guess the cravings associated with each term. For instance, “Pickles” for “Cravings.”

3. Funny Anecdotes
– Share funny or unusual pregnancy stories related to the terms on the list. Laughter is the key to a successful baby shower game!

Why It’s a Hit

1. Engaging and Interactive
– The game is interactive and keeps all participants engaged throughout the event.

2. Nostalgic and Relatable
– For mothers or parents attending, the game brings back nostalgic memories of their own pregnancies, sparking conversations and bonding.

3. Light-hearted Fun
– “Pregnancy How Sweet It Is” is a light-hearted and entertaining game that perfectly fits the joyful ambiance of a baby shower.


“Pregnancy How Sweet It Is” is a delightful baby shower game that brings laughter and entertainment to the celebration. It’s a chance for everyone to reminisce about the sweet moments and experiences of pregnancy while also sharing a few laughs. Games like this not only create lasting memories but also make the baby shower a memorable and enjoyable occasion for the mom-to-be and all the guests. So, get ready to have a “sweet” time at your next baby shower!