What Are Good Prizes For Baby Shower Games

what are good prizes for baby shower games

What are Good Prizes for Baby Shower Games?

Organizing a baby shower is an exciting way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and share your joy with close family and friends. Games are a big part of baby showers, and providing meaningful prizes for baby shower games is one of the most important considerations. When it comes to choosing prizes for baby shower games, its important to consider what the guests might like. So, what are good prizes for baby shower games?

Fun Prizes for Baby Shower Games

When selecting prizes for your baby shower games, think of things that are fun, practical, and will be enjoyed by the guests. While the prize doesnt have to be extravagant, the focus should be on finding items that the guests can use and enjoy. Consider giving baby- or mother-themed prizes, such as:

* Toys: A toy thats age-appropriate for the baby or toddler is always a welcome prize. If youre having a gender-neutral shower, a wooden educational toy or durable plastic toy would be an appropriate choice. Otherwise, choose items that are best-suited for the babys gender.

* Clothing: Gift vouchers for baby clothing or a boutique clothing store are a great choice for newborns and toddlers. If youre having a gender-neutral shower, consider giving gift vouchers for unisex clothing.

* Books: Age-appropriate books are a great way to stimulate the babys development. Board books and short story books will be good gifts for babies and toddlers.

* Journals: An inspirational journal is a great way to encourage the parents in their new beginnings.

* Subscriptions: Subscriptions for magazines, music, learning programs, and streaming services are great gifts for parents.

* Gift cards: Give gift cards to baby-themed stores that carry products for the baby, such as diapers, baby food, toys, clothes, and other (essential) items. Gift cards also give the parents the freedom to choose their own items.

* Gift basket: Put together a gift basket filled with essential items such as diapers, toys, books, food items, and clothing.

When selecting prizes for your baby shower games, make sure that they are age-appropriate. Also, it is important to choose prizes that are neutral in style and color so that everyone at the party can appreciate their value.

Practical Prizes for Baby Shower Games

In addition to fun and exciting prizes, consider giving out practical prizes such as:

* Gift certificates: Gift certificates or vouchers to a local store or restaurant are always a welcome prize.

* Diaper bag: Choose a diaper bag thats stylish and functional. It should be able to accommodate all of the items necessary for the baby.

* Baby care products: Baby care products such as diapers, wipes, lotions, creams, bath items, and baby shower essentials are some of the best prizes for baby shower games.

* Nursery furniture: A crib, bassinet, or changing table is always a welcome prize for parents.

* Baby sling or carrier: These are great gifts for parents who need to be on the go.

* Baby safety items: Car seats, locks, gates, and other safety items are must-haves for any new baby. These make great prizes for baby shower games.

When it comes to practical prizes, the key is to find items that will be useful and helpful to the parents. Think of something that the parents will need and use on a daily basis.

Meaningful Prizes for Baby Shower Games

While practical and fun prizes are always appreciated, consider giving out prizes that have a more meaningful purpose. These can be items that are meaningful to the parents, or that will help them expand their knowledge. Consider giving the following items as prizes for your baby shower games:

* Keepsakes: Items such as a photo album, an ornament, or baby book are items that the parents can display in the babys room.

* Classes or workshops: Give the parents a chance to attend classes such as prenatal classes. Books, online courses, and gift cards to local businesses are also great options.

* Baby-focused activities: Gift certificates for activities such as swimming, music classes, or playgroups are great prizes.

* Personalized items: Personalized items such as frames, towels, baby blankets, or bibs are always lovely gifts.

When it comes to meaningful prizes for baby shower games, look for items that will help the parents create lasting memories.


When it comes to choosing prizes for baby shower games, the key is to find something that the guests will enjoy and appreciate. When selecting prizes, consider giving out fun items such as toys, clothing, books, journals, and subscriptions. Dont forget to give practical items such as gift certificates, diaper bags, baby care products, nursery furniture, baby slings, and safety items. If you want to give something memorable, think of items such as keepsakes, classes and workshops, baby-focused activities, and personalized items. What are good prizes for baby shower games? The skys the limit!