What Do Guys Do During A Baby Shower

what do guys do during a baby shower

What Do Guys Do During a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a common tradition for welcoming a new baby. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the impending arrival of a new family member and undoubtedly brings with it an abundance of joy and gift-giving. Yet, when it comes to the question of what do guys do during a baby shower, many can fall victim to confusion. To help break down this confusion, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide discussing the roles men can play during a baby shower.

When it comes to what do guys do during a baby shower, it’s important to not overthink the situation. Oftentimes, men can feel unwelcome or like they’re crashing the party, when in fact, it’s entirely accepted. Whether the dad-to-be or the close friends of the expecting parents, men are absolutely welcome and can absolutely enjoy themselves during the occasion.

The Role of the Father-to-Be

When it comes to what do guys do during a baby shower, the father-to-be is arguably the most important man in the room. Though it may be uncommon for expecting dads to attend their own baby shower parties, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the father-to-be actively participating in the celebration and activities of the baby shower. Fathers-to-be can use the occasion to talk about their excitement as upcoming dads and ease any anxieties they may have about parenting. Men can get involved in more tangible activities, such as opening gifts, helping to ease the burden of the party-host, and even being the chef of the day!

Guy Friends of the Mom-to-Be

What do guys do during a baby shower if they’re not the dad? Well, close friends of the expecting mother can still find ways of contributing to the joy-filled occasion. Though its not usually expected for men to bring gifts to the baby shower, they’ve certainly become more popular as more expecting couples opt for gender reveal parties before their baby showers. If the couple is disclosing the gender of their baby at the baby shower, it can be a fun way for the dad-to-be and his friends to add to the gift selection.

Additionally, guy friends of the expecting mom can assist with any setup or decorations, help out with the food and snacks, or, if the mood calls for it, they can give kudos for a themed shower, such as a Pikachu-themed for a Pokemon lover or a retro baby shower with old-fashioned decor and items.

Entertaining Guests

Baby showers are festive occasions, and guys often find themselves participating in activities to ensure the shower is fun and full of laughter. Men can help keep the party exciting and upbeat by engaging with guests and entertaining young children. Father-to-be or not, guys can help out with baby-related challenges and games. Baby shower games such as guess the size of the pregnant belly, Guess the Name, or The Price is Right. All games, regardless of whos participating, can add an unexpected element of fun to this exciting day.

Incorporating Father Figures

Though not all father figures are present at the baby shower, its understandable that a father, grandfather, uncle, or special someone might want to be included in the celebration. When it comes to what do guys do during a baby shower, they can help make that special someone feel appreciated. If the father or grandfather isn’t present at the baby shower in person, sending him a public shout-out from the gathering is a thoughtful way of making sure he’s a part of the event.

For family or close friends of the dad-to-be, its a complete honor to be able to be present at the occasion and feel privileged to celebrate the birth of the new member of the family. A day that recognizes the value of a father-to-be is certainly well-deserved!


What do guys do during a baby shower? They can be a vital and special part of the occasion. Whether participating as the father-to-be, the family or friends of the expecting mom, or by engaging in fun party activities, men can help in numerous ways, making the baby shower a memorable occasion for all. By being an active participant in the celebration, the father-to-be and his friends can honor the pregnant mother-to-be and make the joyous occasion of welcoming a new family member even more special.