What Do I Wear To A Baby Shower

what do i wear to a baby shower

What Do I Wear To A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a special and a very beautiful event. It marks the entry of a new member into the family. As the excitement builds up around this happy occasion, one must also keep in mind that the celebration brings along with it the etiquette that needs to be followed. That includes, what to wear to the baby shower?

The baby shower celebrates the joy of the arrival of the new member and also marks a specific time in the mothers life. It celebrates the journey of the mother with respect to pregnancy. It is important to keep in mind that the theme of the baby shower should be echoed in what is worn to the event.

Attires at the baby shower may range from traditional to fashionable. It is ultimately based on ones own personal likes and dislikes.

Some General Guidelines Regarding What Do I Wear To A Baby Shower

Appropriate dress code The dress code for the baby shower should be appropriate. The baby shower is a formal occasion and thus, in order to keep up the decorum, appropriate dress code should be kept in mind.

Maternity wear The mother-to-be usually wears something special for this special occasion. A maternity-wear can be a great option for the pregnant mother.

Semi-formal wear – For those who are not expecting, semi-formal wears like a nice dress or skirt and a top along with heels or fancy slip-ons are a great idea. A blazer is also a great way to dress up the outfit a bit more.

Accessories – Women can accessorise their look according to their personal taste. This can help bring out the personality of individuals in the crowd.

Colours It is important to keep in mind that the colours should be light at such an event. Light pinks, blues, white and beiges are some great pastel options.

Comfort – Another important thing to keep in mind while dressing for a baby shower is comfort. After all, if you dont feel comfortable in what you are wearing, there’s no point in wearing it.

These are some basic things that need to be taken into account when deciding what to wear to a baby shower.

Unique Ideas On What Do I Wear To A Baby Shower

Apart from the traditional and semi-formal dresses, there are several other unique ideas one may keep in mind for dressing to a baby shower.

ALBD Little black dress can be a great pick for a baby shower. It can be paired with lighter shades like pastel blues and pinks.

Florals – Floral dress or skirt paired with a crop top is also a great option for a baby shower.

Monochrome Monochrome dresses are always trendy. Opt for a monochrome dress for the baby shower to turn heads.

One-piece One-piece dresses in unique designs can be a great pick for the baby shower. One-piece jumpsuits with embroidered details can be a great pick for those who want to stand out in the little gathering.

Comfy chic If comfort is all you care about, then a truly comfy chic look can be put together wearing palazzos and a maxi-top. For a classier look, you can opt for floor length kurtas.


Jewellery can be accessorised to bring out the look that best describes an individual. The outfit should not be over-done with jewellery, yet one can pick some dainty and subtle pieces that look best.

Comfortability Comes First

Ultimately it is important to keep in mind what do I wear to a baby shower should be tailored to ones specific personal style and should not make one feel uncomfortable. The attires should be appropriate as the baby shower is a formal occasion. One should take into account the season, the temperature and the venue. It is important to keep all these in mind while dressing for a baby shower and take decisions accordingly.

Unique and Classy

Thus, while still looking classy, women should pick something unique for a baby shower. This can be done to avoid over lined and over dressed looks. Ultimately, pick an outfit that fits ones style and personality. It should be comfortable and should be in accordance with the joys of the event. All these tips and tricks make sure when the time comes to attend the baby shower, one can be confident in deciding what do I wear to a baby shower.


So, in conclusion, when it comes to what do I wear to a baby shower, one should pick something that fits ones personal style, compliments the season and also the occasion. It should also be comfortable and appealing and ultimately not be over done when it comes to jewellery and accessories. Being modest and classy at the same time is important so that the outfit looks appropriate and also stands out in the little gathering.