What Do You Call A Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

what do you call a baby shower after baby is born

Welcoming the New Arriva:l What to Call a Celebration After the Baby Is Born

Baby showers are delightful events where friends and family gather to celebrate and shower expectant parents with love, gifts, and well-wishes before the baby’s arrival. However, what do you call a similar gathering after the baby is born? The post-birth celebration carries its own significance and purpose, and it often goes by various names depending on cultural practices and personal preferences. Let’s explore some common terms and concepts for celebrating the baby after their arrival.

Baby Welcoming Party

A “Baby Welcoming Party” is a popular term used to describe a celebration held after the baby’s birth. It emphasizes the joyous occasion of welcoming the newborn into the world and into the family.

Sip and See

A “Sip and See” event involves friends and family gathering to “sip” beverages and “see” the new baby. It’s an opportunity for loved ones to meet the baby, congratulate the parents, and spend quality time together.

Meet the Baby Party

A “Meet the Baby Party” is a straightforward and inviting name for a post-birth celebration. It encourages friends and family to come and meet the newborn, often for the first time.

Welcome Home Celebration

A “Welcome Home Celebration” is aptly named to signify the baby’s arrival home from the hospital or birthing center. It’s a warm and joyous occasion to welcome the baby into their new home and family life.

Baby Introduction Gathering

A “Baby Introduction Gathering” emphasizes the introduction of the newborn to family and friends. It’s a way to formally introduce the newest family member and celebrate their presence.

Postpartum Party

A “Postpartum Party” acknowledges the phase after childbirth and serves as a celebration for the parents and their newfound journey into parenthood. It can include welcoming the baby and supporting the parents.

Baby Celebration Brunch/Lunch/Dinner

Hosting a mealtime gathering, such as a brunch, lunch, or dinner, in honor of the baby’s arrival is a common practice. It allows loved ones to come together and enjoy a meal while celebrating the newborn.


Whether you choose to call it a “Baby Welcoming Party,” a “Sip and See,” a “Welcome Home Celebration,” or any other name, the essence of the event remains the same to celebrate the arrival of a new life and welcome the baby into the loving arms of family and friends. The name you choose is a personal reflection of the significance and cultural or family traditions surrounding this joyous occasion. Ultimately, what matters most is the love, warmth, and well-wishes shared among all those present to celebrate the precious addition to the family.