What Do You Put On A Baby Shower Cake

what do you put on a baby shower cake

What do You Put on a Baby Shower Cake?

A baby shower is one of the most memorable moments in a family’s life, and a cake is a fantastic way to celebrate! But if you’re stuck on what to put on a baby shower cake, don’t worry. We’ll give you some great ideas on how to make the cake for your baby shower truly special.

Choosing Your Cake

When it comes to choosing what type of cake to use for a baby shower, it’s important to take into consideration the mother’s tastes, the size of the party, and the overall theme of the baby shower. Cupcakes, bundt cakes, sheet cakes, and layer cakes are all popular options.

Decorating Your Cake with Frosting

Once you have your cake, it’s time to show off your artistic flair and decorate it with frosting. Colorful buttercream frosting is the most popular choice for baby shower cakes, as it’s simple to use, has endless varieties and colours, and is easily customizable. You can also use fondant instead of frosting if you want to create more intricate designs.

Getting Creative with Toppings

When it comes to what do you put on a baby shower cake, there are so many unique and creative options! You can use edible glitter, edible pearls, fondant decorations, edible lace, and colourful candy to give your cake an extra special touch. Consider creating a cake topper that mimics the nursery décor, or choose a cake design based on the baby’s gender. If you’re really feeling creative, why not make a scene with fondant animals and figurines?

Using Edible Images

If you’re looking for something easy and straightforward, you can also use edible images. All you need to do is purchase an edible sheet with the image of your choice, or print one yourself with edible ink. Place it on your cake, and voilà – you have a beautiful and unique cake!

Writing Your Message

Writing a heartfelt message on the cake is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the soon-to-be-parents. Consider writing a few words of encouragement or an adorable quote about babies. You can also include the name of the baby-to-be.

Cake Ideas Based on Baby Shower Themes

If you’re looking to create a cake based on the baby shower theme, there are so many great ideas to choose from! For a beach theme baby shower, you can create a sandy beach cake with sea shells and a fondant topper of a beach umbrella. If you’re having an animal-themed baby shower, why not make a zoo cake with colourful decorations of your favourite zoo animals?

The Perfect Baby Shower Cake

No matter what your budget or skill level may be, you’re sure to find something special to put on a baby shower cake. With the right ingredients and a creative touch, you can create a truly unique and memorable cake for the soon-to-be-parents. What do you put on a baby shower cake? The possibilities are endless!