What Do You Wear To A Baby Shower Guest

what do you wear to a baby shower guest

What to Wear to a Baby Shower as a Guest

If youve been invited to a baby shower, you might be wondering what to wear so you can be stylish yet respectful. Remember that youre the guest, so you dont want to upstage the star of the show- the mom-to-be. But there are still plenty of fashionable options for any baby shower, right from semi-formal to semi-casual. So, what do you wear to a baby shower guest?

The Basics of Baby Shower Attire

The tone of the baby shower will determine how dressy you need to be. Even if a baby shower invitation says the dress code is casual, its better to stay respectful and dress up a tiny bit as a guest. Here are the basics of what you should consider when deciding what to wear to a baby shower:

Colors: White is the least appreciated choice when deciding on baby shower attire. Its an obvious allusion to the color that a newborn baby wears and can become overwhelming. Natural colors with some fun accents are the best way to gothink peach, green, pink, yellow, light purple, and blues as accent colors.

Lengths: From midi to maxi, youll want to go with an appropriate length for the dress code of the baby shower. Heres the commonly accepted range for casual, semi-formal, and formal baby showers:

Casual: Shorts or jeans are appropriate with a nice blouse or top if attending a casual baby shower. For women, dresses should be knee-length, and men can go with khaki pencil pants and a nice blouse or shirt.

Semi-Formal: Knee-length dresses or skirts and a nice blouse or top. Men can go with slacks as well as a dress shirt.

Formal: A floor-length dress or maxi skirt and a nice blouse or top for women. Men should wear a suit with a nice shirt and a tie.

Footwear: Keep the guests in mind when deciding on footwear. Say goodbye to your stilettos if the baby shower venue is held in a garden. Comfortable varieties of sandals, ballet flats, and low block heels are the best options.

Semi-Casual Baby Shower Attire
Semi-casual is the best way to go when it comes to most baby shower attire. Here are some ideas for men and women:

For Women: A patterned dress that falls to the knee, or if you prefer, a skirt and top combination. To dress it up, add a pair of flat metallic sandals, and accessorize with a beautiful pair of dangling earrings or a long necklace.

For Men: Khakis or casual pants combined with a buttoned up shirt and a nice pair of leather loafers or boat shoes. For accessories, think classic and minimal like a classic watch or a nice pair of cufflinks.

Formal Baby Shower Attire

If the baby shower invitation says its black-tie or semi-formal, then expect to dress up and pull out all the stops.

For Women: A sleek, statement-making midi or maxi dress is always best. With a deep-colored gown, opt for some softer hues in the accessories like rhinestone studded earrings or a headband.

For Men: The trusty pair of suit and tie should never fail you here. Go with a classic look like navy or black as the base colors, with a contrasting tie and pocket square to breathe some life into the look.

Knowing what to wear to a baby shower is important to maintain the respect of the host of the shower and the mom-to-be. Though there is no set rule of what to wear to a baby shower guest, try to be comfortable and make your look flattering. Babies bring with them joy and adore, and with your exquisite taste of fashion, you can definitely add more joy to this special moment. So, what do you wear to a baby shower guest? The options are endless, from semi-casual to formal, just make sure its elegant and stylish.