What Does Co-Ed Baby Shower Mean

what does co-ed baby shower mean

What Does Co-Ed Baby Shower Mean?

Baby showers are traditionally a time of celebration and gift-giving for expectant mothers and their closest friends and family. However, with the rise of parents who identify as LGBTQ, new terms and traditions are becoming the norm at baby showers, such as the co-ed baby shower.

A co-ed baby shower is a gender-inclusive way of celebrating the new arrival of a baby with friends and family of all genders. It’s an opportunity for everyone to come together to celebrate the parents-to-be, regardless of their gender identity or who the biological mother is. In this article, we’ll explore what does co-ed baby shower mean to you and your loved ones.

What Is a Co-Ed Baby Shower?

A co-ed baby shower is a celebration for the mother-to-be as well as the father-to-be, so family and friends of all genders are welcome to attend. It’s an opportunity to exchange gifts and provide the couple with supplies and items they’ll need for the new baby.

The main focus of the event is still celebrating the new mother-to-be, but the co-ed baby shower also gives guests the opportunity to celebrate the new father-to-be. Usually, the couple will register for items they need, and the guests can choose from this registry to bring as their gifts to the baby shower. It’s custom to give gifts for both parents at a co-ed baby shower.

Who Throws a Co-Ed Baby Shower?

It’s typical that a close friend of the couple, a family member, or the couple themselves will host a co-ed baby shower. It’s responsible for the host to plan and organize the event, as well as secure a space to host the party. Depending on the couple’s needs, they can either host the co-ed baby shower at a restaurant, an event space, or at a home. The host is also in charge of decorating the space, organizing the party activities, and preparing the food.

What Does Co-Ed Baby Shower Mean for Events?

The traditional baby shower used to be solely for women, and due to traditional gender roles, there was a significant disconnect from the new dad-to-be. However, the idea of a co-ed baby shower brings both genders together and creates a more welcoming atmosphere for all. The co-ed baby shower is a great way to include men and provide recognition to the expecting father.

What Are the Activities During a Co-Ed Baby Shower?

Most of the activities during a co-ed baby shower will usually involve the entire group. This allows both the mother and father-to-be to spend time with their family and friends and give them a chance to make happy memories together. Some of the activities could include:

Baby-themed Bingo: Guests can fill out bingo cards with items they think the couple would get as gifts or items they will need for the new baby. The bingo cards can then be used by the couple in order to keep track and thank the guests for the gifts.

Prediction Games: Guests can play games which involve predicting the gender of the baby, birth details, and other questions related to the new parents.

Personalized Story and Song: Guests can write a personalized story or sing a song to the parents-to-be. Having a co-ed baby shower allows for both parents to enjoy the moment together.

Gift Exchange: Each guest can bring a wrapped gift for the baby and exchange them with one another. This is a fun way to bond with the other guests.

What Does Co-Ed Baby Shower Mean for Gifts?

When it comes to the gifts, a co-ed baby shower usually includes items for both the parents and the baby. Some of the items for the parents could include gift cards, a relaxing spa day, or house items. For the baby, it could be anything from clothing and hygiene products, to toys and books.

Once the party is over, the couple should take the time to send out thank you notes as a way of saying, We appreciate your presence and your gifts!


To conclude, what does co-ed baby shower mean to you and your loved ones is the chance to celebrate the new addition to the family. It creates an inclusive atmosphere which allows for friends and family of all genders to join in on the festivities. With the right activities and gifts, the couple can look forward to a memorable and special occasion.