What Is A Co Ed Baby Shower

what is a co ed baby shower

It’s very common for expecting mothers to celebrate the awaiting arrival of their baby with a baby shower. Planning an event for this occasion can be a daunting task for expecting mothers, and the choices can feel overwhelming. If youre stuck in decision making, why not consider a unique way to celebrate your bundle of joy with a co ed baby shower. In this article, well discuss what a co ed baby shower is and how to plan one.

What is a Co Ed Baby Shower?

A co ed baby shower is a celebration of the expecting parents baby that is open to both men and women. The themed-event is focused around the expecting parents, as opposed to traditional baby showers that often centre around the mother-to-be.

Co ed baby showers offer a more relaxed atmosphere where both men and women can enjoy themselves. It gives family and friends a chance to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby.

Benefits of Having a Co Ed Baby Shower

Co ed baby showers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the advantages that the celebration offers. Some of the benefits to having a co ed baby shower are:

A co ed baby shower offers an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, allowing the expecting parents to be more likely to attend and enjoy the festivities.

Co ed baby showers allow all of the guests, not just the female ones, to be involved in the event. This makes the occasion more special for the expecting parents and allows more people to be included and join in the fun.

Both the father-to-be and the mother-to-be can share the spotlight at a co ed baby shower, whereas traditional baby showers tend to focus all of the attention on the mother-to-be.

Having a co ed baby shower will make it easier for fathers-to-be to be part of the event, helping them feel included in the festivities and special moments leading up to the baby’s birth.

Lastly, having a joint baby shower significantly reduces the time put into planning two separate events, making it an ideal choice for those who are strapped for time and resources.

Planning a Co Ed Baby Shower

Though planning a co ed baby shower is easier than planning two separate traditional baby showers, there are still plenty of decisions to be made in order to ensure a successful event. Here are some tips for planning a memorable co ed baby shower.

Start by selecting a theme and a venue for the event. Consider hosting the event in the expecting parents own home to make them feel more relaxed rather than going to a baby shower venue.

When selecting the menu, include a variety of foods that will please both men and women.

When considering entertainment for the event, it is important to keep in mind that the event is for both men and women, so youll want to provide entertainment that appeals to both genders.

Include everyone in the gift-opening process. Traditional baby showers typically have the mother-to-be sit alone and open all of the gifts in front of everyone. However, a co ed baby shower should provide the opportunity for the expecting parents to open their gift together.


Having a co ed baby shower can be the perfect way to celebrate the expecting parents and their new bundle of joy. It is important to plan the event in such a way that allows both men and women to feel comfortable while celebrating. Consider these tips to plan the perfect baby shower for the expecting parents.

No matter if its a co ed baby shower or a traditional one, the most important thing is that the expecting parents and their guests can enjoy themselves and share in the excitement of the expecting baby. What is a co ed baby shower? A great way to celebrate the expecting couple and their bundle of joy!