What Is A Couples Baby Shower

what is a couples baby shower

What Is a Couples Baby Shower?

A couples baby shower is a relatively new take on honor the expecting family. Just like any baby shower, they can be filled with games, snacks, decorations, and gifts. But the couples baby shower adds an intimate twist. It allows the expecting couple to celebrate together in a more unique way and can be an incredibly special experience to invite friends and family in on.

A couples baby shower differs from a traditional gender reveal or baby shower as it typically involves both parents-to-be. This allows the mother to feel included and involved instead of just being a guest of honor at the event. Inviting both of the parents-to-be to attend the party together also helps to celebrate their relationship and the family they are creating together.

At a couples baby shower, some people opt to have the mother-to-be stand out on her own, receiving gifts and congratulations, while the father-to-be stands back and watches. Others, however, go for a more unified approach, hosting activities to celebrate both halves of the couple.

Typically, the games and activities at a couples baby shower are geared towards the new parents. This could be a diaper game where the couple guesses the type of diaper most commonly gifted or instead of gift-opening, playing a game together, such as the baby food challenge. A guessing game about the nursery dcor or stuffed animals work well, too.

No matter what activities and decorations you pick, the biggest take away from the experience should be that the parents-to-be are having their own special moment for just the two of them. After all, a couples baby shower is for them to remember just how special and important their partnership is.

Its always important to consider the guests when selecting decorations, too. You could go with a classic nursery theme, or perhaps something more descriptive of the parents-to-be, like a travel-inspired theme. Whichever decorations you pick, try to keep them light-hearted and fun for the parents-to-be.

The gifts for the shower are also a personal choice. Just like a traditional baby shower, you might want to ask the guests for practical things the couple will need. Some couples baby showers also double as a gender reveal or sprinkle, which allows the guests to bring gender-specific gifts, such as blue clothing and trinkets for a boy or pink for a girl.

No matter the gifts, dcor, or games, the goal of the couples baby shower is to have some time for the new parents to celebrate their new family. Special moments like a couples baby shower are the perfect time to honor this unique journey and to recognize all the love and support the new family will need in the days to come.

Whether youre organizing a couples baby shower for yourself, friends, or family, it is a special way to honor the coming child and the growing bond between the two parents. With the perfect assortment of decorations, games, snacks, and gifts, you can commemorate the transition into parenthood in an intimate and joyful way. So, what is a couples baby shower? Its the perfect chance for new parents to spend some quality time reveling in all the love and excitement.