What Is Mommy Wearing Baby Shower Game Free Printable

what is mommy wearing baby shower game free printable

Unveiling the Fashion Fun: What Is Mommy Wearing Baby Shower Game (Free Printable Included)

Baby showers are joyous occasions where friends and family come together to celebrate the imminent arrival of a little one. One of the key ingredients for a successful baby shower is engaging and entertaining games, and “What Is Mommy Wearing?” is a delightful and entertaining game that guests love. Let’s explore what this game is all about and how to enjoy it with a free printable.

What Is the “What Is Mommy Wearing?” Game?

The “What Is Mommy Wearing?” baby shower game is a playful and interactive activity where guests are challenged to guess what the expecting mother is wearing based on a series of clues. It adds a touch of hilarity and excitement to the celebration as guests put their observational skills to the test.

How to Play the “What Is Mommy Wearing?” Game

1. Prepare the Clues:
– Assign someone (a host or a designated guest) to jot down the clues based on what the mommy-to-be is wearing on the day of the baby shower. The clues can describe her clothing, accessories, or hairstyle.

2. Introduce the Game:
– Gather the guests and explain the rules of the game. Let them know they’ll be guessing what the expecting mother is wearing based on the given clues.

3. Read the Clues:
– Read the clues one by one, allowing the guests a moment to guess what the expecting mother is wearing after each clue.

4. Guess the Outfit:
– Guests can write down or mentally note their guesses. The game can get quite amusing as the clues progress and the guests attempt to piece together the outfit.

5. Reveal the Outfit:
– Once all the clues are given, the expecting mother reveals her actual outfit, and guests can check how accurate their guesses were.

6. Declare a Winner:
– If you’d like, you can declare a winner based on the most accurate or creative guess.

Free Printable for “What Is Mommy Wearing?” Game:

You can easily create a printable for this game using a word processor or a design tool. Here’s a simple template:

– Clue 1: “The top half of my outfit is the color…”
– Clue 2: “I’m wearing something with this pattern…”
– Clue 3: “On my feet, I have…”
– Clue 4: “As an accessory, I chose…”
– Clue 5: “My hairstyle is…”

Guests can write their guesses for each clue on a sheet of paper or directly on the printable.

Download Your Free Printable

To make things easier for you, we have created a ready-to-print “What Is Mommy Wearing?” game template. [Download the free printable here].


The “What Is Mommy Wearing?” baby shower game is a lighthearted and entertaining activity that keeps guests engaged and amused during the celebration. Whether you’re the expecting mom or the host, this game is sure to add laughter and joy to your special day. Enjoy playing and have a memorable baby shower!