What Is Proper Etiquette For A Second Baby Shower

what is proper etiquette for a second baby shower

What is Proper Etiquette for a Second Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a special event that celebrates the upcoming arrival of a child. For many families, throwing a baby shower the second time around can be just as exciting and meaningful as it was the first time. However, there are some guidelines when it comes to proper etiquette for a second baby shower. Here we look at what is expected in the way of etiquette when it comes to throwing and attending a second baby shower.

How to Host a Second Baby Shower

When hosting a second baby shower, the same basic etiquette rules apply as when hosting a first baby shower. However, there are a few elements which must be considered in order to make the shower special for the second child.

Selecting Guests

When selecting guests for the second baby shower, include family, friends, and former baby shower guests who attended the first baby shower. It is proper etiquette to include those who attended the first baby shower as they may feel slighted if they were left out. Additionally, this allows them to become reacquainted with the growing family as the second baby’s arrival grows closer.

Focusing on the Second Baby

While it is always important to recognize the parents, as well as any older siblings, it is also important to focus on the second baby specifically. Some ideas for doing so include:

Creating a separate registry for the second child that allows the host to customize the gifts that will be purchased for the baby.

Letting guests know that this is a second baby shower when sending out invitations. This can be done in a subtle way, such as by using wording such as Welcome Baby 2 printed on the invitation.

Offering games that focus on the family’s new addition, such as matching games that introduce the family’s newest member.

Including Gifts

It is expected that gifts will be presented at the second baby shower for the family’s newest addition. Some families decide to ask for a donation to a charity or to the couple instead of tangible gifts. This is especially common when the couple has more than one child or for a family that recently relocated. However, if a couple prefers gifts, both practical items and intangible items can be selected.

What to Avoid

In addition to following the proper etiquette rules, it is important to be mindful of the types of gifts and games that should be avoided for the second baby shower. Games that focus solely on the first child, such as Guess the Size of Baby 1 should be avoided. In addition, focus on selecting gifts that are appropriate for the second baby. For example, if the first child is a toddler, avoid gifts such as baby bottles or formula since the second baby will not need them.

Attending a Second Baby Shower

If you are attending a second baby shower, it is proper etiquette to bring a gift for the second baby. It is not required to bring a gift and the size of the gift does not matter. What matters is that you take the time to recognize the family’s new addition and show your support for them.


When it comes to proper etiquette for a second baby shower, the same basic etiquette rules as when hosting a first baby shower still apply. However, there are certain elements that must be considered to make the event special for the second child, such as making sure the guests focus on the second baby, selecting appropriate gifts, and avoiding any games that focus solely on the first child. What is proper etiquette for a second baby shower ultimately remains the same as the first, with a few gentle tweaks thrown in to make the new baby feel special.