What Should I Wear To A Baby Shower

what should i wear to a baby shower

What Should I Wear to a Baby Shower?

The impending arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for any new mom or mom-to-be. Its a milestone worth celebrating, and a baby shower is the perfect opportunity to show your love and support. But attending a baby shower carries with it certain dress code protocols. It can be difficult to sift through the vast array of outfit options, so here are some helpful tips to ensure you look stylish and appropriate for the occasion.

The Color Code

Traditionally, the color pink dominates baby shower decoration and is seen as the appropriate color choice for the big day. Wearing a delicate pink or topping off your look with a pink accessory is the perfect way to show youre in the spirit of the event. Nude or neutral colors are also a great alternative, as they’re not only timeless and elegant, but they wont compete with pink accents around the room. However, don’t feel restricted to just these particular colors. Bright colors and pastels are all acceptable too- the main thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it.

Length and Style

When it comes to the length of your clothing, its best to avoid anything that’s too short or too revealing. Baby showers are generally considered a semi-formal event, so midi skirts and dresses are the most appropriate. Its also important to keep the style modest and classy- all eyes will be on the mom-to-be, not you, so save the high fashion outfits for another occasion.

What to Wear on Top?

When deciding what to wear on top, there are several dependable options. Blazers are always a sophisticated choice. Printed blouses can also work well, so long as the print is subtle and in keeping with the decor of the baby shower venue. If you’d like to opt for something more bohemian, floral tops are very on trend this season and can look fantastic when paired with midi length skirts.

What Should I Wear to a Baby Shower – Accessories

Accessories can be the perfect way to complete your look for a baby shower. Opt for pieces in warm gold or silver tones to co-ordinate with your attire. Timeless and delicate pearl accessories are also the perfect choice for a baby shower and can add a touch of class to any outfit. Keep statement bags for another day and instead choose a dainty clutch or bejeweled purse.

Don’t forget to include shoes in your outfit planning. Low block heels are usually the go-to shoe choice for baby showers they’re comfortable, stylish, and wont look out of place. Flat sandals and chic ankle boots are also great alternatives, depending on the weather.

What Should I Wear to a Baby Shower – Conclusion

Baby showers are a time of celebration and joy, and you want your appearance to match the spirit of the occasion. Choosing the right outfit for a baby shower can be the difference between looking simply stylish or totally over the top. By following these guidelines, you’ll want to make sure you look chic and appropriate and feel confident in the outfit you’ve chosen. So, no matter what you decide to wear to a baby shower, as long as you feel comfortable and ready to have fun, then you know you’re dressed just right.
What Should I Wear to a Baby Shower?