What To Call A Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

what to call a baby shower after baby is born

Celebrating the New Arrival Alternatives to “Baby Shower” Post-Birth

Traditionally, a “baby shower” is an event held prior to the baby’s arrival, showering expectant parents with gifts and well-wishes. But what happens when the baby has already made their debut into the world? Celebrating the new addition after birth is just as important, and choosing the right term can make the event even more special. Let’s explore some alternatives to “baby shower” that perfectly capture the joy of welcoming the newest family member.

Welcome Party

A “Welcome Party” signifies the warm reception and celebration of the baby’s arrival into the family.


A “Meet-and-Greet” emphasizes introducing the baby to family and friends, making it a wonderful post-birth celebration.

Baby Introduction Celebration

This term straightforwardly conveys the purpose of the gathering – introducing the baby to the community.

Baby’s Arrival Celebration

A simple and effective term that encapsulates the essence of the event – celebrating the baby’s safe arrival.

Baby Reveal Gathering

Highlight the introduction of the baby with a “Baby Reveal Gathering” after their birth.

Blessing Ceremony

Emphasize the joy and blessings the new baby brings with a “Blessing Ceremony” post-birth.

Baby’s Debut Celebration

Celebrate the baby’s debut into the family and the world with this fitting term.

Joyous Family Gathering

Capture the family-oriented celebration and joy with a “Joyous Family Gathering.”

Post-Birth Baby Celebration

A straightforward term that highlights the event’s purpose – celebrating the baby’s birth.

Newborn Welcome Bash

Make it fun and lively by referring to it as a “Newborn Welcome Bash.”


Choosing the right term for a celebration after the baby is born is about capturing the essence of the event – welcoming and celebrating the newest family member. Whether you opt for a “Welcome Party,” “Meet-and-Greet,” or a “Blessing Ceremony,” what matters most is the love, joy, and warmth shared as everyone gathers to celebrate this beautiful new beginning.