What To Do At A Baby Shower Besides Games

what to do at a baby shower besides games

What to do at a Baby Shower Besides Games

Baby showers are joyous occasions that give parents and family members the chance to celebrate the special arrival of their newborn. But the challenge for hosts is coming up with creative activities that are more exciting than playing the same old baby shower games. If you’re hosting a baby shower and are looking for alternate activities, there are plenty of ideas that are sure to make the gathering more enjoyable.

Gift Opening

Gift opening is the activity that many expectant families and guests look forward to, but it doesn’t always have to be limited to the end of the baby shower. If the baby shower is held at a location where space is limited, it may make sense to plan some time for gift opening in the middle of the event. As the host, you’ll need to make sure that the wrapping paper is recycled or recycled or designated for donation once all the gifts have been opened.

Baby-Inspired Crafts

For a more interactive activity, consider having guests make baby-inspired crafts at the baby shower. For this activity, guests can bring a plain white onesie, bib, or other baby item with them and, by using fabric markers, stamps, or other craft supplies that you provide, make it their own. Guests can also get creative with making artwork that can later be framed and hung in the baby’s room.

A Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

A baby shower may not be the first place that comes to mind when hosting a chugging contest, but it can be a lot of fun and still appropriate – for all ages if you use baby bottles. Fill them with your favorite beverage and have guests compete to see who can finish first. And for an extra challenge, turn each baby bottle upside down while guests race to drink without using their hands.

Break Out the Photo Albums

Nothing brings out laughs like taking a walk down memory lane by looking at old photos. Invite guests to bring their baby or childhood pictures to the party so everyone can share in the fun. The laugh out loud moment are sure to create lasting memories.

Memorabilia Show-and-Tell

Memorabilia show-and-tell is a fun way to get everyone involved in stories about days gone by. Have guests bring mementos from their own baby years or the baby years of relatives and friends. Baby shoes, blankets, clothes, and even baby pictures are great items to showcase.

Scrapbooks and Journals

Creating a scrapbook or journal is a great way to capture memories, and its also a fun and meaningful activity for guests at a baby shower. Provide supplies including pens, markers, stickers, glue sticks, construction paper, and other materials for guests to put together a special piece of art and/or journal of their thoughts for the new baby or family.

What to do at a Baby Shower Besides Games

Baby showers are special occasions that give family and friends the opportunity to come together to celebrate the new addition to the family. The challenge for hosts is finding specialized activities other than games that are more fun for guests. There are a number of options that can add extra excitement and memories to the special day, including gift opening, baby-inspired crafts, a baby bottle chugging contest, photo album sharing, memorabilia show-and-tell, and scrapbook and journal creation. Whether you choose to include one of these activities or create an activity of your own, the opportunities to make the baby shower more fun and meaningful are plentiful – just think outside the box! What to do at a baby shower besides games? Get creative and have fun!