What To Do Instead Of A Baby Shower

what to do instead of a baby shower

What to Do Instead of a Baby Shower: A Look at Non-Traditional Ideas

As the saying goes: “A baby changes everything.” With a new bundle of joy on the way, it’s no wonder couples and their families are looking for ways to celebrate the upcoming arrival. While baby showers are often the go-to for expectant parents, sometimes opting for something a bit different is more appropriate for the situation. Below are a few ideas for what to do instead of a baby shower.

At-Home Movie Night

For those seeking a more intimate and cozy gathering, co-hosting an at-home movie night is a great option. Start by picking out a special movie that’s appropriate for both kids and adults. Make sure to include delicious snacks like popcorn and a selection of sweet treats. You can also set up a few classic board games in case your guests want to break into teams and play a round or two. What could be better than movie night with loved ones? It’s the perfect chance to let everyone unwind and enjoy!

Group Spa Day

Baby showers are traditionally known for pampering the mother-to-be. So why not organize a day of relaxation for everyone? Book a massage at a local spa or ask a professional to come to you. Consider also renting top-of-the-line hot tubs, creating mini-manicure stations, and even renting an oversized bed to lounge in. Once you’ve organized these calls for relaxation, make sure to infuse the event with calming music and fragrant candles. It’s sure to be an experience to remember!

Picnic in the Park

With slight planning, a picnic in the park makes for a great way to celebrate an upcoming arrival. Set up a cozy spread prior to meeting your guests at the park, making sure to include yummy snacks, typical picnic fare, and your favorite drinks. Ask your guests to bring along their favorite board games and provide extra blankets and pillows for everyone. Adding a few background decorations like twinkle lights or a mono printing of the soon-to-be mom’s belly can really make the event special and memorable.

Fondue Night

Hosting a fondue night is the perfect way to get everyone involved in the celebration. Choose a selection of tasty nibbles that can be dipped into melted cheeses or chocolate sauces. For entertainment, consider setting up a classic game night like Pictionary. Add tunes and fondue-inspired decorations such as paper cut-outs of baby bottles and pacifiers. Your guests will love the chance to share stories, play some games, and dip into delicious snacks!

Baby-Themed Games Night

For an unforgettable evening spent with those who matter, consider throwing a baby-themed games night. Set up baby-inspired board games like ‘Pin the Dummy on the Baby’ or ‘Baby Bangle Challenge’. Don’t forget to make sure everyone has a baby-inspired drink in hand when they arrive. To really get the crowd into the party vibe, consider setting up a photo booth with props related to the baby-theme.

When it comes to celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby, there are many different ways to make the event special. Instead of opting for a traditional baby shower, why not try something different like an at-home movie night, group spa day, picnic in the park, fondue evening or even a baby-themed games night? Everyone will be sure to have a blast regardless of what you choose! What to do instead of a baby shower? The sky’s the limit!