What To Get Mom For Baby Shower

what to get mom for baby shower

What to Get Mom for Baby Shower: Tips and Ideas to Make Her Special Day Even More Memorable

When it comes to celebrating the upcoming arrival of a baby, nothing quite compares to a baby shower. Baby showers are an integral part of the journey into parenthood and while traditionally they have been a way to shower the expectant parents with gifts, the focus has shifted in recent times. Nowadays, baby showers often focus on the mom-to-be as a way of celebrating her and all she’ll be going through during her pregnancy. Choosing the right gifts for the mom-to-be can be tricky, however, so here are some of our top picks of what to get Mom for baby shower.

Room Décor

A baby shower is the perfect place to get creative when it comes to decorating Mom’s nursery. From wall art to a new changing table and crib, having a fully decorated room ready for the baby is a great gift for the mom-to-be.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a great way to make sure Mom is ready for the arrival of her little one. From items such as a special baby blanket or quilt to diapering essentials and a baby bath basket, the sky really is the limit when it comes to choosing what to get Mom for baby shower gifts.

Unique Clothes

A baby shower isn’t just a great place to shop for essential items for the baby; it’s also a chance to get creative and find some unique outfits for mother and baby alike. Whether it’s a onesie for the baby or a pregnancy-safe maternity dress for the expecting mom, getting some special items of clothing that will look beautiful in those newborn photos is the perfect addition to any baby shower.

Diaper Subscription

A diaper subscription is the perfect pampering present for any new mom. A subscription will save mom time and money, while ensuring that she will never run out of diapers during those first few months of diaper changes.

Sentimental Gifts

Buying a sentimental gift for the mom-to-be is the perfect way to show her just how special she is. From a necklace featyring the baby’s birthstone to a picture frame with the baby’s ultrasound photo, giving mom something that she can carry with her during and after her pregnancy is sure to make her feel loved.

Bonded Jewelry

For a more substantial gift, bonded jewelry is a great choice. Bonded jewelry gives the mom-to-be a way to show off her beautiful baby bump and will become a treasured keepsake once the baby arrives.

Gift Cards

For expecting moms who aren’t sure what they need or want for their baby shower, a gift card is the perfect way to make sure they get everything they need. From online delivery services to gift cards for retail chains, there are a variety of gift card options to choose from to get the mom-to-be exactly what she needs.

Family Portraits

Family portraits are a great way to capture the special moment in time when mom-to-be is expecting. A professional family portrait or a photo of the expecting family in matching outfits is sure to be a cherished memory for everyone involved.

Parenting Resources

Another great option for what to get Mom for baby shower is parenting resources. Whether it’s a book about caring for a newborn or a course on parenting, gifting the mom-to-be with resources to help her navigate the world of parenting is sure to be appreciated.

Gift Certificate for Babycare Services

What better way to show the mom-to-be that she’s supported than with a certificate for babycare services? Whether its for private baby massage or puupy classes, giving the mom-to-be a gift certificate for babycare services is a unique and thoughtful way to help her get some extra help when she needs it.

No matter what type of gift you choose for the mom-to-be on her baby shower, making sure it’s something she’ll treasure for years to come is sure to make her special day even more memorable. What to get mom for baby shower is an important decision, so make sure you pick something she’ll truly appreciate.