What To Put In Favor Bags For Baby Shower

what to put in favor bags for baby shower

What to Put in Favor Bags for Baby Shower

Creating a baby shower favor bag is a great way to thank your guests for being part of the celebration and give them something to remember the special occasion. But when it comes to what to put in the favor bags, it can be difficult to decide. Here are some options to consider when deciding what to put in favor bags for baby shower.

Gifts and Toys

One of the most popular options for filling favor bags for a baby shower is gifts and toys for the mom-to-be and the baby. Items such as rattle or teething keys, novels for the mother, and small plush dolls for the baby are popular gifts.

If you are on a budget, consider giving small items such as key chains with the babys name on them or pacifiers filled with lollipops. These small items can be just as much of a hit as the bigger gifts.

Personalised Items

Adding items with a personal touch can make the baby shower favor bags feel even more unique. If you’re feeling creative, why not make personalized embroidered bibs or personalized blankets for the baby?

You could also include items like personalized mugs, keychains, or even engraved jewelry. These are all great options for adding a personal touch to your baby shower favor bags.

Food and Snacks

If you want your guests to remember the baby shower for a long time, you can include snacks and food items in the favor bags. Consider items like chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, or even packages of nuts and raisins. Other popular options include items like mini bottles of champagne or wine.

These items will not only be great favors for your guests to enjoy at home, but they can also be used to make the baby shower even more fun.

Beauty Products

Beauty products are always a popular choice when it comes to baby shower favor bags. You can find all kinds of beauty products such as lip balms, lotions, hand creams, nail polishes, and more.

These products come in mini sizes so they are perfect for adding to the bags. Your guests can use the beauty products for themselves and will think of the wonderful time they had at the baby shower every time they use them.

There are so many different options when it comes to what to put in favor bags for baby shower. From gifts and toys to food and snacks, to personalised items and beauty products, you can create a favor bag that your guests will love. Just remember to choose gifts that will create lasting memories and be useful to the new parents. What to put in favor bags for baby shower are all about creating a little something special for your friends and family.