What To Say On Baby Shower Cake

what to say on baby shower cake

What to Say on Baby Shower Cake

Having a baby shower is a special time to celebrate the impending arrival of a bundle of joy. One of the mainstays of a great baby shower is the baby shower cake, complete with words to commemorate the momentous occasion. If you’re struggling for ideas for what to say on baby shower cake, then read on for our top ideas!

What to Write on A Baby Shower Cake

There’s no wrong answer as to what to say on baby shower cake. The sky’s the limit when it comes to having fun with baby shower cake sayings. Our top tips for stylishly expressing your well-wishes for moms-to-be include:

Congratulatory Statements

Nothing says ‘Congratulations!’ like a congratulatory statement on a baby shower cake. Write a simple statement such as ‘A Bundle of Joy is On Its Way!’ or go all out with ‘The Perfect Mom is Sweetly Expecting!’.

Quotes About New Beginnings

Writing quotes about new beginnings on baby shower cakes is a great way to express enthusiasm about the impending arrival of a precious new addition. Quotes about new beginnings can range from snippets from classic novels such as “A new chapter of your life is about to begin” from the book To Kill a Mockingbird to inspirational quotes such as “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on”.


A baby shower cake can be the perfect place to announce a fun nickname for the baby-to-be. If the expecting parents have chosen a unique or whimsical nickname such as ‘Cuddle Bug’ or ‘Little Sprout’, why not display it proudly on their cake? It’ll be a special way to celebrate their baby’s impending arrival!


Rhyming baby shower sayings can be super fun, especially for expecting parents with a great sense of humour. Some humorous rhymes you could write on baby shower cakes include “Here Comes the Sweet Little Thing, A New Baby That Mom Will Be Dreamin’” or “Sitting and Waiting for Your Face, Mommy and Daddy Can’t Wait to Embrace!”.

Shipping Notices

Turn your baby shower cake into a cheerful ‘shipping notice’ to announce the arrival of a new package. ‘Your Package Is On Its Way!’ or ‘Baby [Name] Shipping 8 Weeks’ will definitely have your guests giggling with delight!

Final Thoughts on What to Say on Baby Shower Cake

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what to say on baby shower cake. From cute rhymes to motivational quotes, there are no wrong answers when it comes to sharing your joy and enthusiasm with a cake that celebrates the arrival of a precious new family member. So don’t forget, when you’re considering what to say on baby shower cake, the focus should always be on celebrating the parents-to-be and expressing your well wishes for the happy new family.