What To Wear At Baby Shower

what to wear at baby shower

What To Wear at Baby Shower

With the arrival of a new baby often comes the joy of hosting a baby shower. This special celebration gives loved ones the chance to share in the excitement. However, when it comes to attending a baby shower as a guest, the question of what to wear can be challenging. Trying to balance the casual, fun atmosphere of the event with a tasteful, stylish outfit can be difficult, but these tips provide you with easy options for what to wear at a baby shower.

Decoding the Dress Code

Most baby shower invitations will not explicitly state a dress code. If youre struggling to determine what to wear, consider the host’s personality and style. If the host is traditionally conservative, aim for a dressier look. However, if the host is more casual, a less formal style is better. Its also important to consider the season and time of day. For example, when attending a baby shower in the summer, you could wear a light summer dress or a dressy romper. For a baby shower during colder months, you could opt for a pair of dressy jeans or trousers, and stylish blazer.

Trendy Attire

When selecting an outfit for a baby shower, aim for a stylish, on trend look. Floral prints have been a popular trend this year and provide a fun, feminine style. For a modern look, accessorize with statement earrings and a bright clutch bag. Other fashion-forward dresses may feature off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder and one-shoulder styles for an effortlessly chic look. For plus-size women, try bright colored wrap dresses to flatter and cinch the waist. Men can look stylish in dressy pants or shorts, paired with a tasteful casual shirt.


To take your baby shower look to the next level, fashion accessories can change your entire look. Flats or sandals give an elegant touch to a dressier ensemble. Those wanting a more casual look can achieve this with a pair of trainers or sneakers. Include a delicate necklace to elegance to your look and complete the outfit with a structured handbag. For those wanting to make more of a statement, a chunky necklace and tasseled bag will help you stand out.

What Shoes To Wear

The right pair of shoes can make or break your look. When deciding which shoes to wear to a baby shower, consider the atmosphere. For an upscale baby shower, choose shoes to complement the dressier outfit. Look for peep-toe pumps, heeled sandals, ballet flats or kitten-heels. For something more laid back and fun, flatforms or block heels provide a dressier feel with comfort. If attending a baby shower outdoors, sandals add a pop of color and are a must-have for warmer weather.

Final Touches

If looking for a truly special look for a baby shower, add a few fashion-forward pieces. A denim jacket or silky kimono are perfect for cooler days. To further accessorize this outfit, consider a brimmed hat, fedora, baseball cap or hair accessory. A brightly colored scarf or stole is the perfect finishing touch.

No matter what the dress code, trying on a few different styles and combining classic and modern pieces will ensure you look and feel your best. When in doubt, go for an effortless dress with comfortable shoes and easy accessories. Remember, what to wear at a baby shower should be appropriate and comfortable. With these tips for what to wear, you can enjoy the day as a fashionable guest awaiting the arrival of the bundle of joy.