What To Wear Baby Shower

what to wear baby shower

What to Wear to a Baby Shower: A Style Guide

Coming up with the proper ensemble for a special occasion can be difficult, even for the most fashion-forward individuals. For those attending a baby shower, seasonally appropriate looks can be hard to pull off due to the changeability of the weather and the often casual nature of the event. With the right combination of colors, shapes, and fabrics, dressing for a baby shower can be both stylish and comfortable. Here is a helpful guide on what to wear to a baby shower.

Springtime Baby Showers

When attending a baby shower in the springtime, a light, flowy sundress is an excellent choice. Long sundresses in muted colors are a classic warm-weather choice, and the look pairs nicely with sandals, open-toed clogs, or dressy flip-flops. For bigger crowds or outdoor events, leaner silhouettes can be chosen. An airy cotton-blend maxi dress with a print or bright solid color is a timeless option. To keep the look fresh, pair a dress with statement jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Summertime Baby Showers

When it comes to summertime baby showers, the simplest way to look stylish and polished is to go for a bright, carefree romper with wedged sandals or espadrilles. Since romper legs can often be a bit short, make sure to select adequate coverage that allows for a full range of motion during the event. To avoid looking too casual, attempt to add an elegant clutch or tote bag to the look.

Falltime Baby Showers

When attending a baby shower in the fall, try mixing and matching pieces from your existing wardrobe. A bright floral dress can be paired with a classic blazer, and ankle boots or low heeled pumps can be added to the mix for a comfortable and stylish ensemble. If desired, accessorize with a stylish belt and matching clutch.

Wintertime Baby Showers

Attending a winter baby shower presents an opportunity to explore the world of winter fashions. A festive holiday dress with tights and stylish boots, or a pair of slim fit pants with a fun and feminine top, are both excellent choices. Add a statement necklace and wedge booties for a modern look. For additional warmth, a snug coat and scarf will complete the look.


No matter what season a baby shower is taking place, there are a wide variety of choices available for those invited. While dress codes can vary, there are a few timeless rules to keep in mind when dressing for this special event. To look stylish and appropriate, dress comfortably and accessorize tastefully to make a personal statement. With the right combination, attendees are sure to look their best in whatever they end up wearing to the baby shower. Hopefully this guide has given readers an idea of what to wear to a baby shower.