What To Write On Diaper At Baby Shower

what to write on diaper at baby shower

Creative and Cute: What to Write on Diapers at a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a delightful event where family and friends gather to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new bundle of joy. To add a creative and fun twist to the celebration, incorporating a diaper message activity can bring laughter and warmth to the occasion. Guests can write messages, funny notes, or words of encouragement on diapers that the new parents will use during those late-night diaper changes. Here are some ideas on what to write on diapers at a baby shower:

Funny One-Liners

– “Warning: Contents May Explode!”
– “Is it too late for a refund?”
– “Caution: Future Superhero in Training!”
– “The poopocalypse is near!”
– “Remember, I’m watching you too!”

Words of Encouragement

– “You’re doing an amazing job, Mom and Dad!”
– “You’ve got this, one diaper at a time.”
– “Sending you love and sleepy wishes!”
– “Every diaper change is a step closer to giggles and laughter.”
– “May this diaper bring endless joy and minimal mess!”

Parenting Tips and Tricks

– “Sing a silly song during diaper changes for extra smiles!”
– “Warm wipes make for a happy baby!”
– “Always have a spare outfit nearby – trust us!”
– “Don’t forget to baby talk, it’s their favorite language.”
– “Late-night diaper changes are a good excuse for Netflix binging.”

Quotes and Poems

– “A baby is a little bit of heaven sent down to Earth.”
– “Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How we wonder what you are!”
– “Diapers today, college tomorrow!”
– “May your days be filled with baby giggles and diaper wiggles.”
– “Tiny fingers, tiny toes, and oh so many diaper changes to go!”

Personal Messages

– Personalize each diaper with special messages for the parents-to-be, mentioning their names and sharing your excitement for the new addition to the family.
– Share anecdotes or stories from your own parenting journey or experiences to offer guidance and reassurance.

Doodle and Artwork

– Encourage guests to doodle cute baby faces, animals, or symbols of luck and happiness on the diapers for an artistic touch.

Baby’s Development Milestones

– Write down milestones the baby may reach by the time they wear that particular diaper. For example, “First tooth,” “First steps,” or “First word.”

Gender Reveal Messages

– If the gender of the baby is a surprise, guests can write gender-neutral messages. If the gender is known, they can write messages related to that gender.


Adding messages to diapers at a baby shower is a delightful and creative way to share laughter, advice, and love with the parents-to-be. These messages will not only make late-night diaper changes more enjoyable but will also serve as a sweet reminder of the love and support surrounding the new family as they embark on this exciting journey of parenthood. Let the diapers become a canvas for love and joy during this wonderful celebration.