What Will It Bee Baby Shower

what will it bee baby shower

Buzzing Excitement: Planning a “What Will It Bee” Baby Shower

A “What Will It Bee” baby shower is a delightful and gender-neutral theme that creates a buzz of excitement and anticipation for the arrival of a new bundle of joy. If you’re planning to host this bee-themed celebration, here’s a guide to help you make it a hive-tastic affair.

Invitations with a Buzz

Set the tone for the event with creative invitations featuring adorable bees and honeycombs. Opt for yellow and black color schemes to emulate the classic bee look. Include playful phrases like “What Will It Bee?” to spark curiosity and excitement among your guests.

Bee-Themed Decorations

Transform your venue into a bee haven by incorporating bee-themed decorations. Hang honeycomb-shaped garlands, use bee-printed tablecloths, and scatter faux bees around the venue. Sunflowers and daisies can also add a lovely touch, as they are flowers bees adore.

Honey-Sweet Treats

Delight your guests with a sweet spread of honey-inspired treats. Offer honey-flavored cupcakes, honeycomb-shaped cookies, and jars of honey as party favors. Create a buzzworthy refreshment station with iced honey lemonade and iced tea.

Beehive Cake

Make a statement with a beehive-shaped cake as the centerpiece. Adorned with fondant bees and honeycomb patterns, this cake will steal the spotlight and perfectly align with the theme.

Gender Reveal Buzz

Since the theme is “What Will It Bee,” consider incorporating a gender reveal into the celebration. Whether it’s cutting a cake to reveal blue or pink filling or popping a balloon filled with colored confetti, this surprise will add an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Hive-Tastic Games

Organize entertaining games to keep everyone engaged and laughing. Consider games like “Guess the Baby’s Gender,” “Beehive Toss,” or a baby-themed scavenger hunt. Prepare small bee-themed gifts as prizes for the game winners.

Personalized Party Favors

Send your guests home with adorable bee-themed party favors. Consider items like mini honey jars, bee-shaped cookies, or small potted plants with “Thank you for bee-ing here” tags. Personalize the favors to make them memorable keepsakes.

Bee Baby Shower Gifts

Encourage guests to bring bee-themed gifts for the little one. Items like baby onesies with bee designs, soft blankets with honeycomb patterns, or bee-inspired nursery decor will fit perfectly with the theme.

Bee-utiful Attire

Encourage guests to dress in bee-themed attire, such as yellow and black outfits or bee antennas. This adds a playful element to the party and allows everyone to get into the spirit of the theme.


A “What Will It Bee” baby shower is a fantastic way to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby in a joyful and gender-neutral manner. With buzzing decorations, sweet treats, exciting games, and the big gender reveal, this theme promises a memorable and hive-tastic celebration that’ll have everyone abuzz with anticipation and happiness.