When Should Rsvp Be Due For Baby Shower

when should rsvp be due for baby shower

When Should RSVP Be Due for Baby Shower?

Having a baby shower is an exciting time for expecting parents and their families. Planning and preparing for the big day entails many things, from selecting a date and venue, to coming up with a gift registry, and, of course, sending out invitations. When deciding when to send out the invitations, the biggest question to answer is “when should RSVP be due for baby shower?”

The time frame for sending out baby shower invitations and tracking guest responses varies from family to family. Anything from 4 to 8 weeks before the date is a good time to send out the invites and to ask guests to RSVP by. Early planning is the key to making sure that all of the details fall into place.

Knowing When To Send Out Baby Shower Invitations

The first step in finding out when RSVP should be due for baby shower is to determine when to send out the invitations. Generally, it is best to send out the baby shower invitations four to eight weeks prior to the date of the shower. This gives guests enough time to mark their calendars and make room for the event on their schedule.

Most people consider the 2-week mark the ideal time to send out the invites. This allows guests enough time to plan, but not so much that they will forget about the event. Including an RSVP date on the shower invitation also makes it easier to track responses.

Tracking Baby Shower Responses

Once the invitations have been sent out and the RSVP date has been set, it is important to keep track of the guests responses. Some people choose to add a response card to each invitation, making it easier to track the responses. Others prefer to call or text their guests for a quick response.

When tracking responses, it is best to give guests a five-to-seven days’ grace period after the RSVP date. This allows guests who are late in responding to still RSVP before the date of the event. It also helps to ensure that all of the necessary details have been taken care of.

Making a List of Guests

Once the RSVPs have been collected, it is time to make a list of the guests attending the shower. This list should include the name and contact information of each person attending the shower, as well as any food and beverage requests they have. This can be done either manually or an online RSVP service can be used.

Once the list has been finalized, it is time to order the food and beverages. This ensures that all of the guests will have something to eat and drink. If there are any special requirements for certain guests, such as dietary restrictions, it is important to make a note of that in the list and to let the caterer know in advance.

Final Considerations

The final consideration when determining when should RSVP be due for baby shower is to decide what should be done with any of the guests who don’t RSVP. It is best to give those guests a last call with a few days to respond, in case they misplace or forget about the invitation.

In most cases, it is a good idea to provide a response card for all of the guests, even for those who do not RSVP. This way, they can still let the expecting parents know they are thinking of them even if they are unable to attend.


When should RSVP be due for baby shower? The answer to this question is that it should be four to eight weeks before the date of the baby shower. Tracking guest responses is made easier by including an RSVP date on the invitation and by giving guests a reasonable amount of time to respond. When tracking the guest responses, a five-to-seven days’ grace period should be allowed. Once all of the responses have been tracked, it is important to make a list of the guests attending, as well as any special requests they have. Finally, those who do not RSVP should be given a last call to let them know that they are still welcome to attend.