When To Have A Baby Shower If Due In July

when to have a baby shower if due in july

Timing the Celebration: When To Have A Baby Shower if Due in July

When to have a baby shower if due in July? Let’s unravel the perfect timing for a summer celebration, making the anticipation even sweeter! Welcoming a new life into the world is a beautiful journey, and planning a baby shower adds a joyful touch to this excitement. If the due date falls in July, there are unique considerations and opportunities to ponder when scheduling this memorable event. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the optimal timing for hosting a baby shower if the due date is in July, providing insights to help you master the art of planning.

The July Due Date Advantage

Expecting a little one in July? Congratulations! July is a delightful month for a baby shower. The weather is generally pleasant, providing various options for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Embrace the summer vibes and plan a vibrant and cheerful baby shower that complements the season.

Early to Mid-June – A Perfect Window

Considering that July is the due date, aiming for a baby shower in early to mid-June is an excellent choice. This timing allows for a comfortable buffer before the due date while ensuring the expectant parent is not too close to their delivery date, giving them the freedom to enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

Consider the Comfort of the Expectant Parent

Ensuring the comfort of the expectant parent is paramount. As July approaches, the expectant parent might experience increased discomfort due to the advancing pregnancy. Planning the baby shower in late May or early June can be a thoughtful choice, allowing them to revel in the celebration before the discomfort intensifies.

Coordinate with Close Family and Friends

Engage in open communication with close family and friends to pinpoint the most suitable date for the baby shower. Collaborate and find a consensus, ensuring that key individuals can attend and make the event extra special.

Weekend Convenience

Typically, weekends are the most convenient for guests. Aim for a weekend in June, preferably mid-June, to host the baby shower. This timing ensures higher attendance and participation, enhancing the joy of the celebration.

Factors Influencing Baby Shower Timing

1. Venue Availability
– Confirm the availability of the chosen venue for the preferred date, especially if it’s a popular location or during a peak event season.

2. Guest Availability
– Consider the schedules of essential guests, particularly close family and friends. Ensure the chosen date aligns with their availability.

3. Pregnancy Health
– Prioritize the health and comfort of the expectant parent when deciding on the baby shower date. Opt for a time when they feel their best.

4. Cultural Considerations
– Acknowledge any cultural practices or beliefs that influence the timing of baby showers. Respect and integrate these into your planning.

5. Personal Circumstances
– Take into account any personal circumstances, such as travel plans or significant family events, that might affect the baby shower date.


Having a due date in July offers a wonderful opportunity to plan a summer-themed baby shower. Early to mid-June is an ideal window to host this celebration, allowing for a comfortable buffer before the due date. Collaborate with close family and friends, considering their availability and preferences, to select the perfect date. Ultimately, the goal is to create a joyful, comfortable, and memorable baby shower for the expectant parent. Happy planning and congratulations on the upcoming bundle of joy!